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The Affordable RV Road Trip

Affordable_RV_Road_TripDepending on the length of your RV road trip, traveling can get expensive quickly. The cost of a road trip all depends on how comfortable and how well you plan on eating. If you are the simple and frugal type, then you will be able to take a very affordable road trip.

Gas is a hot topic right now. Gas prices hit an all time high over the summer and are slowly beginning to drop. The best place to get gas on a road trip is outside of town at the truck stops. They will also have diesel if your RV requires it. Not all convenient store gas stations inside a community will have diesel. Diesel tends to be cheaper than gas, but with the recent gas prices even diesel has been expensive. Gas stations in towns tend to be more expensive as well. There is not a lot that you can do about the gas prices except be prepared for them. Gas on the coasts also tends to be more expensive than gas in the central states. Many big gas chains offer frequent fueler cards and these are great if you are going to be filling up often.

While you are pumping your gas, you should always check your oil. This is especially true if you will be traveling three thousand miles or more. Travelers should always have their oil changed before hitting the road out of home. Checking your oil along the way insures that your RV is not burning oil or leaking oil. Driving with the mind set of saving gas also helps. Avoid gunning the engine when unnecessary. Use your cruise control while on long stretches of highways and try to maintain consistent speeds. Depending on the terrain that you are traveling in you may or may not save gas. Rough terrain and lots of hills will cause your RV to burn more fuel. Watching how much weight you pack and tow on your RV will also have an effect on how much gas you are able to save on a trip.

Traveling in the RV takes care of your lodging and there are a variety of hook-ups in all communities. You may also look into investing into campground memberships as well. There are many memberships that have locations spread across the country. You will be able to stay at these locations for free. These are great for even part-time RV campers as they can travel to many different places throughout the year. Full-time RV campers will feel at home at a myriad of these campgrounds. During the peek season, you may be limited to one week or two week stays. During the off-season, you may be allowed to stay for up to three weeks. Whether or not you need a site with sewer hook-ups will also have a difference on the price you pay at campgrounds and RV parks. Sewer hook-ups generally cause RVs to be parked closely together and they will inhibit your view of nature from your RV.

Some campground sites may not provide hook-ups but will allow you to park overnight. You will have to depend on your RV's generator, batteries, water tanks and wastewater tanks. If you are only staying for a night this should not be a major concern. If you are unable to find a campground nearby and you are exhausted, you may also park at a truck stop or even a Wal-Mart for the night. Truck stops can be somewhat loud, but you should be able to park and get a good rest before continuing on.

Cheap entertainment can easily be found in a variety of communities. National parks have yearly memberships that you can purchase for around $50. These will get you into all of the national parks. Many national parks also have RV hook-ups and you may have to pay to stay overnight but your membership will cover your entrance fee. Some parks have entrance fees that are $20 or more, so if you use your membership enough it will pay for itself. There are also usually free museums in many communities and those offer a chance to learn about the town you are visiting. Visitor centers are also very informative and they can provide you with local area attractions.

To save money on food pack a cooler of fruits, sandwiches and other snacks for the road. You will most likely get tired of what you brought with you, so an occasional restaurant stop is fine. Mixing up eating out with eating out of the cooler or RV refrigerator will help keep you from getting burned out on your RV food. Many travelers will also eat fairly light meals. Light meals at restaurants are often inexpensive and healthier.

No matter where or how you travel, you will be able to make your trip affordable by following these RV tips. Your trip and the cost of the trip all depend on how long you plan to be gone and what you plan to do on the trip.

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