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How To Maintain Air Conditioners And Please The Home Inspectors

Cooling_SystemsThe sun is beating down mercilessly and the heat is just too much to bear. The outdoors feel like the insides of a furnace. The indoor too wouldn't have seemed much different, had it not been for your air-conditioning unit. Amongst the numerous cooling systems available commercially, the air-conditioner is the most in demand.

But to be able to reap the benefits of your air conditioning unit for years on end, you need to take extremely good care of the whole system and have it checked periodically.

The Problem Areas Of The Air Conditioners That The Home Inspector Looks For:

An air conditioner is quite a big investment on your part and the responsibility is on you to ensure that the money you have spent doesn't prove to be a colossal waste. It is always worthwhile for you to be well up on the gray areas of an air conditioner so that you can keep you home inspector pleased.

Worn out fan belts: Fan belts and pulleys are quite susceptible to wearing and tearing.

The Outdoor Condensing Unit: Often dirt and debris gets wedged inside the outdoor condensing unit affecting its efficiency to a great extent.

Dirty Drain Lines: If algae are present in the drain line, you can have severe problems with your air conditioning unit.

Rusting: Rusting of the whole air conditioning machinery is a frequent enough problem for most householders and can wring in havoc for the apparatus. Especially pay attention to the window and sill of the air conditioner.

How to Prevent Your Air Conditioner From Being Marked By The Home Inspector

Your air conditioner demands the utmost care from you. And there are some things that you simply cannot afford to ignore:

Keep an eye on the air conditioner filters. This is imperative, especially when your air conditioner operates in a particularly dusty and grimy setting. In fact, you are required to clean the filters at least twice a month or have them changed at the slightest instance of malfunctioning. A drop or two of diluted bleach is enough to leave your filters spanking clean and bacteria-free. A bit of bleach down the condensation drain will also work wonders for the congestion problem.

Have the apparatus well oiled at all times. This will ensure that the machine doesn't get damaged due to constant friction. The motor and the bearings need to be oiled twice a year and when you do so, be sure to turn off the power supply.

Remember to vacuum your registers and air vents regularly to ensure that they are clean and free from obstructions. Also ensure that there are furniture or curtains standing in the way of the air conditioner.

The ductwork in the air conditioner is a sensitive area and should be professionally cleaned at least once in every two to three years. And speaking of duct, make sure that they are absolutely airtight by sealing the joints with a specially made sealant (duct mastic). Also ensure that all ducts are airtight in high temperature and seal the joints with the duct mastic sealant. High temperature duct tapes are an option though, but remember that they are vulnerable to air leakages.

There are some tips and tricks of maintaining your air conditioner in top-notch working condition that are not realized by many. And amongst these is the advice to keep the AC switched off when you are mowing grass. And also remember to turn on the AC only when you have cleaned the grass. Otherwise, there are high chances that your air conditioning machinery will get choked with grass, making it harder for it to perform efficiently.

Another seemingly trivial tip is to keep your foliage at least a foot away from the outdoor compressor to enable sufficient air passage.

Make sure that the furnace fan operates at the optimum speed.

Neglect the furnace filters, but at your own peril. Have the outdoor coil regularly cleaned, professionally if severely congested. For those overtly enthusiastic, expert guidance says that you turn off the AC before taking on the coils and all the interior mechanism. Start on your cleaning ritual only when the coil is dry and you can safely use a soft brush to clean the coil and the fan blades.

All About Home Inspectors and Air Conditioners

A well-maintained and properly cared-for air conditioner will last you through 10-15 years and keep your Home Inspector happy. It is extremely important that you have the entire mechanism thoroughly checked annually after it has run through five years. For this you can fix a date with a competent home inspector, who can also tender valuable tips regarding maintenance.

Take good care of your air-conditioner. You will definitely rue days of negligence when the air conditioner breaks down on a particularly sultry day, leaving you dripping with perspiration and seething in rage.

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