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Banquet Program Sample

Are you planning a banquet? Consider our banquet program sample that is offered here. There are several things that you need to keep in mind when you are planning this gala of an event. Large or small, it is important to you and to your guests. There are plenty of options to consider and you can trust that the banquet will go well when you work off this program sample to help you to plan the perfect event. It does not take too many worries but it does take some hard work to plan a great banquet .

Here are some of the things you need to consider for your banquet no matter if it is a wedding, a graduation, formal or informal of a gathering.
  • The Facility: Where will you have the event? Of course, it is important to know the approximate size of the get together first. Limit your choices first by size. Next, consider booking at least six months ahead of time, more if it is during the wedding season of May through August. Consider how the location will be suited for your needs. Will it be large enough for a head table and enough tables for the guests to move about? Will there be room for dancing?
  • The Food: The second thing of worry is that of the meal that you will share. You should determine if the venue will provide the meal for you. If so, is their menu suitable? If not, hire a caterer. These can range in price and availability. Try to book them six months in advance as well. Consider a solid food choice such as chicken as it is affordable and well liked by most. Offer alternatives to those that do not care for the dish. Determine the menu with the help of the caterer, listening to their suggestions.
  • Decorations: Depending on the level of elegance you are after, you will need to decorate your facility. Some locations will do this for you, if you request it. If not, consider table cloths, table centerpieces, head table decorations as well as banners or other significant pieces. Flowers, balloons and candles make the best centerpieces and decorations.
  • People: There are several people that you should plan for. For most occasions, these individuals will provide the assistance as needed as well as create the atmosphere of the occasion. You may want to consider a greeter to welcome your guests and help them to move through the first few moments of finding their seats. A guest speaker can add a welcoming touch to many occasions, but plan to book in advance. You also need a Master of Ceremonies that will lead the evening, directing people what to do and who has the ability to direct everyone as needed.
Do you have all that you need? The final suggestion here it so plan it all down on paper. Make changes as necessary as you go along. This way, you know just what is happening and who is doing it.
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