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Tips for the Perfect Barbecue

Just about, everyone loves barbecue.  What makes barbecue grilling so great is that you can cook almost anything.  Some of the favorite foods to barbecue include steak, hamburgers, shrimp, chicken, and of course, even vegetables.  Additionally, with so many varieties of barbecue sauce, you can create a wide variety of flavors.  For instance, some types of sauce are sweet, some spicy, and some with a distinct flavor all their own.  In this article, we wanted to provide you with some helpful tips for making your barbecue family, or entertaining time perfect.

To be successful every time you barbecue out, we have provided you with some easy tips.  After all, good barbecue does not have to be a complicated process to taste incredible.  Using the right ingredients and good quality meat or vegetables is the key!  With this information, you can wow family and friends, making your home the place to spend summer time!

• Ribs – When barbecuing ribs, whether beef, pork, short ribs, or even brisket, you will get the best flavor and most tender meat by grilling over low heat, cooking slowly.  A common mistake is trying to speed up the process of barbecuing ribs, which does not produce very good results.  Another excellent tip for cooking ribs is to boil them for 30 to 60 minutes prior to cooking on the grills, which makes them even tenderer.

• Chicken – For the best, grilled chicken possible, always place the meat on the hottest part of the grill, searing each side for about three minutes.  Once that process is done, move the chicken to a cooler part of the grill, allowing it to cook for about 10 minutes on each side.  While cooking, be sure you baste and turn the chicken often.

• Sauce – Some people grill using a dry rub, some with herb seasoning, and others with sauce.  If you prefer to barbecue with sauce, always place the meat over a drip pan while cooking slowly on indirect heat.

• Lamb – For some reason, people often forget how great barbecue or grilled lamb is.  To ensure you get the most out of this meat, it should be seared two minutes on both sides and then moved to a cooler part of the grill to finish the cooking process.

• Kabobs – For the most tender and juiciest meat on kabobs, choose a good marinate and soak the meat overnight before grilling.  The meat will be infused with the flavors and naturally tenderized.

• Doneness – To ensure barbecued meat on the grill is done, you can create a small slit in the center, inserting a meat thermometer.  With this, you will know that the densest part of the meat is thoroughly done without guessing.

• Lower Fat Burgers – Everyone loves a good barbecued hamburger but too often, even low-fat meat tends to be too fatty.  To eliminate this problem without sacrificing on flavor mix three-fourths of meat with one-fourth of oat bran and chopped vegetables.

• Tools – Okay, it may not seem that important but grilling meat and vegetables with the right tools will make a difference.  For instance, to avoid being burned when flipping burgers or turning meat, we recommend you use a 12-inch wooden handled fork.  Additionally, when using tongs to handle food, you should always use one set of tongs for raw food and another set of tongs for cooked foods.  This way, you avoid cross-contamination of bacteria.

• Gas versus Coal – Without doubt, the gas barbecue grills on the market today are great.  These grills are more affordable than ever and easy to clean.  In addition, many gas grills can be used with different types of wood such as hickory or mesquite, giving the meat a smoky flavor.  However, if you prefer a real, outdoor taste to barbecue and grilling, it is hard to beat those that heat with coal.

• Keep it Safe – With barbecuing, you need to take a few precautions because of working with raw meat.  Therefore, always store raw food in a covered container, keeping it refrigerated before grilling.  Additionally, make sure you never mix raw foods.  For instance, you should not store raw chicken with raw fish, using the same sauce or marinade.  Sure, you can cook different meats on the grill but just do not store them together.  Then, anything that has been exposed to the raw meat, utensils, cutting board, and so on, should be washed with an antibacterial soap and hot water.

• Preparation – To ensure every barbecue experience is enjoyable, you should have everything you needed set out before you get started.  This will save time and eliminate frustration.

• Fish – Marinating fish is a great way to add flavor but all types of fish should never sit in marinate for longer than 30 minutes or the acid will actually cook the fish.

• Foil – An excellent way to grill clean is by using foil.  For example, you can wrap meat and vegetables in foil pouches, which actually gives you more of a steamed result. You can keep the foods separate or grill them together with seasoning, lemon juice, garlic, parmesan cheese, and so on.  Just be extra cautious when opening the foil pouches in that escaped steam will burn.

• Year Round Grilling – Wile most people grill in the warmer months, you can actually barbecue anytime of the year.  If you live in a cold region, consider placing an outdoor heater nearby, allowing you to stay warm while getting your favorite grilled foods ready.
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