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Secrets to Beautiful Skin

Secrets_to_Beautiful_Skin_0Very few of us are born looking like supermodels, but the fact is that they aren't, either. Supermodels are made, not born; and the way they go from being chubby-cheeked youngsters to the very definition of beauty is by taking obsessively good care of themselves. One characteristic that women like Heidi Klum, Carol Alt, and Kate Moss all share is excellent skin -- and don't kid yourself into thinking that it's just because of good genes. That can help, but it's hardly all there is.

Your skin is your largest bodily organ: depending upon how voluptuous you are, it can cover up to 30 square feet and weigh close to ten pounds. It's a remarkable organ, renewing itself completely every seven to ten weeks, and keeping the rest of the body safe from infection. It's sad, then, that so many of us take our skin for granted. When it's not properly cared for, the skin can become dry, flaky, and wrinkly -- and no one wants to look like a lizard. So what do you do?

We're here to help you improve your skin by revealing the kinds of skin care secrets that the movie stars and models use. You're not going to go from ordinary to radiant, healthy skin overnight; in fact, it'll probably take a good bit of work. But if you're not afraid to put your back into it and apply the secrets you see here, it won't be long before your friends and co-workers will be exclaiming over how incredibly youthful you look, and how wonderful your skin is.

The Basics

You can help your skin the most by respecting your health. Your skin reflects your general well being, and just like the rest of you, it likes to be pampered. That doesn't mean you should lie around and eat bonbons all day, unless of course you're interested in growing as much skin as possible. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind, which means regular exercise, a healthy diet, and no more sun than necessary.

Speaking of sun, tans look great, don't they? But the truth is, every time you go outside to darken your dermis, you're killing skin cells. Too much sun, and your skin will become tough and leathery, and you'll end up looking like an old cowboy who's been out on the range too long. You'll also need to keep your skin moisturized: besides the sun, many environmental factors can cause your skin to dry, including air conditioning, central heating, smoking, and pollution. Avoid those when you can, and be sure your skin is constantly moisturized. You can moisturize it from the inside by drinking at least two quarts of water a day, if not more. A few extra trips to the bathroom aren't too high a price to pay for great skin, right? Hydrate the exterior by applying a moisturizer, to retain your skin's natural moisture.

If you want great skin, you've got to maintain a decent skin care regimen. This may be a pain, because doing it well takes a while, but it's worth it in the long run: blackheads and clogged pores do not a beautiful skin make. Not only should you bathe daily, you should wash your face, neck, and shoulders twice a day: once when you get up, and again before you hit the sack. You don't need to use anything fancy; in most cases, soap and water will do for your quick wash-ups. However, you need to perform deep cleaning, with a skin cleanser, at least once a day. This is especially important if you have oily skin. Be sure to remove all traces of your makeup, and follow up the cleanser with a thorough rinsing in clean water. A good skin toner should come next, to tone and tighten the pores, and a moisturizer should complete your daily routine. It's also a good idea to apply a beauty mask weekly and exfoliate on occasion, to get rid of build-ups of old skin cells.

Other Good Ideas

Besides the skin care basics we've outlined above, here are some other tips that you'd be well advised to consider:
- Eat plenty of fresh fruits 
- Eat your veggies (yes, even broccoli)
- Get enough restful, comfortable "beauty sleep"
- Take vitamins and supplements, especially those known to be good for the skin; we recommend Vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids
- Know your skin type, so you can better plan your skin care regimen
- Exercise vigorously at least 30 minutes a day (rollerblading is not recommended)
- Don't drink too much alcohol or caffeinated drinks
- Avoid temperature extremes
- Eliminate stress from your life

Of course, you know you best; so it's up to you to develop the details, in order to find what works well for you. Just get serious about a skin care plan, starting with the basics outlined here, and within a few weeks your skin will exhibit a healthy glow you've never before experienced -- guaranteed!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you are a business owner get listed at Best Personal Care Site, part of Localwin Network.
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