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Breakfast or Brunch With The Ladies

Brakfastbrunch_With__LadOne of the most versatile events or parties to host is a late breakfast or brunch with the ladies. Not only are the possibilities for the menu very open and varied, but also the seating and serving options, atmosphere and decor, as well as the choice of places to have the breakfast or brunch are numerous. The event can be formal, relaxed, casual or even outdoors for a really unique breakfast or brunch experience.

Themes for Breakfast and Brunch

It is possible to have a theme for the breakfast or brunch party. If the event is happening in the spring or summer you may want to have a garden party theme. Beautiful tables set up in the midst of a flowering garden or even out on a manicured lawn makes a memorable get together. A fall breakfast or brunch can celebrate the wonderful colors of fall, and winter breakfasts can celebrate the upcoming Christmas or just the beauty of the season.

Many breakfast or brunch with the ladies are served buffet style with either guests choosing the seating arrangement or pre-set seating and places marked with name holders. Using nametag holders or markers is a wonderful way to tie the theme together. For different creative name placeholders consider:
  • Fall -Individual miniature pumpkins or squash with the names painted on
  • Summer - Hand written name tags made into flags using toothpicks and placed into an apple, orange, lemon or lime at the front of the place setting
  • Spring - small individual planted tulips, hyacinths or African violets with the names painted on the pot or placed on holders in the soil
  • Winter - pinecones spray painted with gold and then lightly sprayed with flocking. Name cards can be inserted into the grooves in the pinecone.
Buffet style serving makes staging the party much easier. The buffet table can be decorated with the theme of the party and should include a wide variety of types of dishes, especially if it is meant to be more of a brunch. Some popular items for a ladies breakfast or brunch include:
  • Various fresh seasonal fruits
  • Cheeses
  • Quiche
  • Crepes
  • Waffles
  • Various salads
  • Cold cuts
  • Breads and rolls
  • Omelets
  • Sausages
  • Eggs Benedict
  • French toast with fresh strawberries
  • Scones, biscuits and muffins
  • Petite sandwiches of egg, tuna or watercress
  • Cookies and pastries
A breakfast or brunch with the ladies could also feature seafood such as cold, iced shrimp or shrimp cocktails, various pasta dishes with seafood, or even a wonderfully displayed whole smoked or steamed salmon.

One of the reasons that a breakfast or brunch with the ladies is popular for entertaining is that so much of the preparation can be done ahead. For example the salads can include spinach, pasta, lettuce and even layered salads that can be prepared up to a day or two ahead and then just mixed together with dressing before serving. Fruit salads are both decorative and delicious, especially if they are served in a bowl made out of a watermelon. This is really not hard to do, simply cut a watermelon in half lengthwise and scoop out the red center. Using a sharp knife create a scalloped shape around the edge to add that special touch.

Another wonderful feature for a ladies breakfast or brunch is to use candied flowers as accents on the various serving trays. Candied violets may be used to decorate desserts and other sweet dishes. Other edible flowers include pansy, nasturtium, primrose, snapdragon, squash flowers, lemon verbena and lilac. Not all flowers are edible and some are poisonous so be sure to use only those that are safe for consumption.

Breakfast or brunch with the ladies is often consumed with mimosa, a blend of champagne and orange juice. For those that prefer a non-alcoholic beverage the same effect can be achieved by mixing ginger ale with orange juice. Punches and tea are other popular beverages for brunch.

Decorate the tables and buffet table with flowers and easy to make centerpieces. Consider using a style that matches your theme. For example, a spring centerpiece may include a large glass vase filled with brightly colored limes and lemons with tulips, roses and daisies placed in the center. Tableware could be in the spring colors of bright yellows, blues, reds and oranges. A light green tablecloth and linen napkins complete the spring effect. For summer outdoor events consider using white or cream colored tablecloths and place settings and even consider using antique place settings. If you don't have enough yourself consider asking friends to borrow some for the event. The place settings themselves will be a conversation starter. Make a plan to host a breakfast or brunch with the ladies; you will be amazed at how popular your party will be.-----------------------------------------If you are a business owner get listed at Best Entertaintment Site, part of Localwin Network.
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