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Tips for Buying Nursery Equipment

When setting up your baby’s nursery, you are going to need a number of things to include furniture, equipment, lighting, rocker, and much more.  Everything you put into the nursery should be deemed safe and create an environment for your baby that is secure and comfortable.  As you will see from the options below, when it comes to nursery equipment, the possibilities are incredible.

Baby Monitors

One of the most important types of nursery equipment you should buy is a baby monitor.  This monitor system is designed with a receiver and transmitter.  For this, the transmitter is placed on a table somewhere within the nursery and the monitor in the bedroom or other rooms of the house. Additionally, many monitors now offer wireless receivers, allowing you to carry it with you wherever you go.

The purpose of baby monitors is to allow parents to hear when the baby awakens of cries.  For instance, if your laundry were downstairs, out of range from hearing a crying baby, you could take a portable baby monitor with you.  That way, while doing laundry, you would have the ability to hear your baby cry so you could go to the nursery to check on him or her.

In some parts of the country, the air is extremely dry, lacking humidity.  In this case, you might consider adding a humidifier to your baby’s room.  When choosing this type of nursery equipment, we suggest you choose a top brand and design specifically made for babies.  With the humidifier running, the air in the room will become more comfortable, allowing the baby to sleep better.

Window Guards

If your baby’s nursery is on the second floor of a home or even higher in an apartment complex, it is essential that you place a window guard over the window.  With this nursery equipment, once your child is old enough to start moving around, you never have to worry about him or her accidentally falling out the window.  Additionally, window guards allow you to open the window during the spring and summer months for fresh air, but again without the worry of disaster.

Door Locks
These locks are also an important type of nursery equipment, being locks that are inexpensive and can save your child from harm.  Designed to use on drawers so a child cannot open them, you eliminate the risk of your child pulling the dresser down on him/her or climbing, which would also be dangerous.


Every nursery needs a nightlight, which provides soft lighting for the baby but also enough light so the parent can see during the night without having to turn on the brighter, room light.  For nursing mothers, a good nightlight will make it easier and safer to walk into the room at 3:00 in the morning.

Outlet Covers
Although outlet covers are a simple type of nursery equipment, they will also keep your child from being shocked.  Again, when your child starts moving around, he or she will head straight for the electrical outlets and stick the first thing he/she can get hold of inside.  As you can expect, the child would be shocked.  To avoid this, purchase special outlet that block the outlet off so the child cannot investigate.

Even for small babies, a nursery with shelves is very handy.  While little, the shelves can be used for holding things around the changing table, lights, or cute figurines.  Then as the child grows, the shelving could be changed to hold books, CDs, stuffed animals, and similar items.

Rocking Chair

If you have room in the nursery, you will not go wrong adding a rocking chair.  This will provide you a comfortable place to sit and rock your sweet baby during the night.  Just make sure the rocker is padded, quiet, and comfortable.

In addition to the nursery equipment mentioned, remember that you will need to buy other items to include a crib, mattress, changing table, rocking chair, lights, rugs, wardrobe, and decorative items to go along with the scheme chosen.  The most important thing, regardless of the type of nursery equipment, has to do with safety.  Always purchase from a reputable manufacturer, follow the installation or set up procedures carefully, and pay attention to any recalls.

One great example has to do with dressers.  A number of children die each year because the dresser is pulled down onto the child, crushing him or her.  Therefore, always use anchoring screws, securing the back of the dresser to studs in the wall.  This process takes a few minutes but could virtually, save the life of your child.
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