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Cheapest Web Hosting

These days, everybody is scampering for a web presence. Earlier, every businessman wanted to have his business enlisted in some business directory or the other, especially in the Yellow Pages. Well, the times have changed. In the 21st century, the Internet has emerged as the new marketplace. It’s where all the action is at, and having a niche of one’s own in cyberspace has never been more critical. With the advancements and consequent proliferation of Internet technologies, more and more people are jumping on to the Internet bandwagon every day. The Net is throbbing with commercial activities of all sorts. Online business is the new mantra playing on everybody’s lips. So, are you chanting it too?

Web hosting services remain a crucial and core service on the Internet. Every business needs some sort of a presence in the Web, and web hosting services provide you with just that! But web hosting nowadays comes in all shapes and sizes. From the simplest of web hosting services to very large hosting solutions – there’s a hosting plan to fit every requirement. Just like the different shapes that they come in, web hosting services also carry a wide range of price tags. Some high-end services can be really expensive for the average customer. It’s important to understand one’s needs carefully and then decide on the right package. Why end up paying more for features that you’d never use? It makes plain sense to cut your coat according to your cloth.

The offer of the cheapest web hosting service can be a potentially dangerous one. I’m sure that if you try searching on the Internet with those words, you’d be surprised at the sheer number of matches that will be returned to you. It seems that everybody has the cheapest web hosting solution for you. But you should know better!

Let’s start by asking ourselves why anyone would want to look for the cheapest web hosting solution. Well, we all know that the cheapest may not necessarily be the best. The most obvious reason is economy. That’s understood. But would you really settle for just the icing without getting to bite into the cake? The cheapest web hosting package surely won’t provide all the features of the more expensive ones.

Well, yes and no. Sure enough, if you run a comparison check among all the hosting packages offered by a hosting service provider, you’d find that the cheapest one of the lot has the least to offer in terms of space, services and features. It’s the most stripped down package. But the beauty of it all is that it’s still complete in itself. A closer inspection will show that it has all the features you need to be able to host a website of a moderate size. If you are planning to start small (may be, you are just a budding Internet marketer, or are just testing the water before taking a full plunge), the cheapest web hosting plan may be just about perfect for you.

Let’s take a look at a typical scenario. Your first website is not a very ambitious affair. It will get you started in the game of making money on the Internet no doubt, but you are not planning to spend too much startup capital right now. You just need a small hosting space to find out how things move. Then, if everything goes well, you’d go bigger and meaner. Under such circumstances, it is only natural for you to look for the cheapest web hosting solution. All you may need are:
  • A Linux platform
  • probably 5 – 10 MB of hosting space (amply sufficient to host your simple HTML pages)
  • a couple of free Email addresses (a standard feature with most hosting packages today)
  • a modest bandwidth to keep you going (you are not expecting a huge traffic already, are you?)
  • perhaps some other features (like MySQL support, Control Panel) that you may need eventually.
A hosting package such as this will not cost the earth, but will spare you plenty of costs that you may find worthwhile spending towards promoting your website.

All said and done, the question remains where you can find a reputed and dependable provider of such a cheap web hosting service. The Internet (like for so many other things in life) is the best place to search for such a provider. Every search on the Web ends up putting a lot more on your plate than you can really digest. So, limit your discretion to the reputed names in the industry. Compare costs and features of multiple packages and do check out at least half-a-dozen providers. Just do your own research and very soon, you’d be able to zero in on the right package. Also ensure that the service provider has a competent and satisfactory level of customer support.

Remember, finding the cheapest web hosting solution is not hard if you search around a bit. However, you are advised to check all the features carefully to find out if they suit your purpose.
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