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The Children's Room

Children are pranksters, mischievous and impulsive. Disciplining them is easy, so is teaching them manners. Doubtless, your blood pressure could rise when you enter their room to witness the tornado effect with clothes tumbled up, a liberal share of jelly lying on the carpet, the walls decorated with abstract art in crayons and toys scattered on the floor. You could opt for professional cleaners to do the work for you. But considering the frequency of a child's antics, hiring professionals for cleaning the children's room can prove to be very expensive.

The brief mentioned below lists the stuff typically found in a child's room and cleaning procedures relevant to each type of item.


Toys are the mainstay of a child's existence and it is natural to see them occupy a lot of space in its room. Children tend to scatter their toys and seldom collect them after playing. You could put storage bins in their room, and ask them to dump their toys into it whenever they finish playing. Make sure these bins are without lids to avoid kids from breaking them.

You could opt for a transparent container to help them find their favorite toy whenever they want it. Stuffed toys can be washed in a mild detergent and stored in basket, to make the bad odor of sweat disappear.

Books and Stationery

Children who are wannabe
painters and artists have a lot of paper strewn all over the place. You could keep book racks in their room to keep their schoolwork organized and easy to find when you need it.

You can make a study area separate from the playing area irrespective of the size of the room. Wooden writing desks or a computer table placed in one corner of the room could make things organized.


Children tend to use the bed for jumping and playing as much as for sleeping and make it messy with their muddy feet. You should vacuum it and change the sheets at least once a day. Don't allow kids to eat food on the bed and drop crumbles. Keep the duvets, pillows and sheets washed and ironed for timely use.


The playground for most kids, the
flooring could be hard to clean, especially if your little ones leave behind blobs of paint or jelly on the floor. For this reason, it's advisable to lay plastic or washable carpets and rugs, as they are easy to wash. Shampoo the carpet once a week at least to keep it disinfected. Use chemical solutions, which will not leave a stain on the flooring.


Many a times it is seen that children dump their dirty clothes in the closet. This leads to formation of bacteria, which could affect the rest of the clothes. One should check the cupboards from time to time and check if there are any food items that have been stacked away. These usually attract ants, and serve as a breeding ground for insects.

Woolens and delicate clothes should be separately stored to avoid wobbling. In addition, naphthalene balls can be placed to keep cockroaches away. You could spray a mild perfume or deodorant, to make the cupboard smell good.

Tips on cleaning the children's room

  • The most effective way to keep the children's room clean is by asking them to help around with cleaning their mess.
  • To help kids with cleaning their room, make a chart of do's and don'ts and the steps they can follow to keep it clean. You could also motivate them with a reward system to keep their room clean.
  • While doing the interior decoration, you should ensure that the materials and fabrics used in the wallpaper, carpet and the curtains are washable and reusable. When delicate and light colored curtains and upholstery are used in a children's room, kids tend to stain them beyond repair.
  • Don't use chemicals that might leave a strong and harmful odor in the room or could even lead to certain allergies in the children.
  • Make a clothes bin to put all the dirty laundry.
  • Use home remedies like vinegar, bleach and other solutions.
  • Keep a thrash basket only for the scrap paper and other rubbish
  • Keep delicate and glass items out of the children's reach.
  • Dissuade eating of food items on the bed.
  • Do away with all the extra clothes in the cupboard to make it look organized and allow space for the new ones.

For most parents, cleaning the cluttered room of their children can turn out to be a nightmare. The payoff to keeping it clean is however immense, as it lends a fresh and lovely environment for the kids live and grow in. Parents can teach kids the importance of saving energy and keeping their environment clean. This not only imbibes a feeling of responsibility in them, but also simplifies your work.

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