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Deciding on an RV Road Trip

Deciding_RV_Road_TripHave you ever wanted to travel west or maybe east? Have you ever wanted to travel north or south? The RV road trip lifestyle allows you to travel in any direction you want. There are various ways of planning a road trip and one way may appeal more than others. Deciding on a road trip can be difficult when there is more than one other person involved in the discussion and you may find it difficult to please everyone. Road trips can also have many functions. Do you need to travel back home and visit family you haven't seen in a while or do you just need to get away for a while? These are the types of questions you should ask yourself while deciding on the perfect road trip.

After finding some answers to these personal questions it is time to start planning. The first step in planning is identifying the purpose of your road trip and deciding on a destination. No matter where you go you will have an ultimate goal and you will need to decide on what that goal is. Decide how much time you are willing to take and how much you are willing to spend. You should also decide on any specific attractions that you might want to see while on the road. All of these factors will play into your destination and how long it takes to get there and back home. Deciding on these factors will tell you how much planning lies ahead of you.

The next step in deciding on a road trip is the route that you want to take. After you have your destination in mind you will need to start planning stopovers. You will need to decide how far you can drive safely and where you should stop. At the same time, you want to decide if you want to take the back roads or the highways. For example, if you feel safe at six hours, then you should find a campground or RV hook-up site that will suit your needs for that night. You may also choose to spend a day in each stopover and see the local attractions and get a taste of the culture. Taking the back roads is fun to the courageous souls while others like to stick to the beaten path. You may also enjoy taking a famous route such as Route 66 or the Oregon Trail.

After deciding on a route and the stopovers you want to take, you should then look into the local attractions in those areas. You may never know when you might find something interesting and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see it. For example, Two Guns, Arizona has the meteor crater. The meteor crater even has its own radio station that tells you the history of the crater while you explore the massive hole. There are also novelty and souvenir shops on the road to the crater. The crater is only six miles south of Interstate 40 and is between Two Guns and Winslow, Arizona. There are several sights like this one located all across the country and this may be your opportunity to see them.

While deciding on stopovers and attractions, you should let everyone put in ideas as to where to stopover. After all ideas are in place, you can begin plotting your route to the different attractions there are to see. Visit different websites and look for brochures while you travel. These will provide great information on the sights to see in different communities. You can even begin a collection of brochures for future road trips of places you would like to visit in the future. While you do this, you can also find places to stay such as campgrounds and RV parks. Campgrounds and RV parks are great because since you are in your traveling RV you can just stop, hook-up and enjoy the scenery or a new community.

RV road trips offer enormous flexibility. You don't have to worry about check-in or checkout times at hotels and you don't have to pay for anything but food, gas and souvenirs. You have all that you need in your RV and you always know where the nearest restroom is! You really don't even have to eat out if you don't want to. RVs road trips are so flexible that if an emergency comes up at home all you have to do is turn around and go back. Remember that while deciding on a road trip, do your best to include the attractions and stopovers that the family wants to make. Kids get really bored traveling and if you can mix it up with a stopover here and there, the trip will go a lot smoother for everyone in the RV.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you are a business owner get listed at Best Travel Site, part of Localwin Network.
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