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Dog Breeds: Breeding Your Pet

Dog BreedingAre you considering becoming a dog breeder? If you think that this is something that you can do without problem, think again. There are many aspects to breeding your pet that you need to consider. In most cases, breeders do not make much money, if anything at all. Consider these aspects about being dog breeders before you make any moves.

Dog breeds are all quite different. There is only one true reason for you to spend the money to breed your pet. That is that the dog breed should be bettered somehow by you doing so. Most pets have poor qualities such as health issues, temperament problems or other such things that are not good qualities to pass on. Breeding, then, should only happen when there is a benefit to breeding the two animals to better the dog breed. This should only be done by professionals.

Consider the animals that do not have homes as it is. Really, the world does not need more pets that will not have homes. If you plan on selling your pups, you may be surprised to learn that there are many just like you that now have litters of pups with no place to put them. It can be difficult to find homes to your pets, even when they are AKC pups.

Time and money should be very high on your list of concerns when it comes to breeding dogs. You will need to invest time in helping in the delivery, time spent up all night taking care of them, time spent caring for sick animals, feedings, cleanings.the list goes on and on.

As for money, you are likely not to make anything off of your efforts. Consider the average litter has six dogs. That is six dogs that need to be seen by a vet, vaccinated, dewormed, declawed, and fed for the first six weeks of their life. Should one of them be sick or need surgery (including the mother) you are talking about even more money spent. And, what if they don't sell?

Dog breeding does not help your pet to become a more social or loving pet. It does not settle them down or provide for any psychological benefit. In fact, to do this, you should have your pet spayed or neutered instead.

Also, realize that you are not going to get an exact replica of your pet. Just like humans, it is a mix of the dog's ancestors that will show.

Dog breeds should be benefited in some way when two animals are bred. The dog breed should be benefited by a coupling of animals that are ideally matched and offer the highest level of personality, health and temperament. Anything less then this and you are not doing anyone a favor and you certainly do not care for your dog's breed. Dog breeding is better left to the professionals that know just what to do, how to do it and can afford to handle things that go wrong. More then likely, your dog will thank you for it too.
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