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Dog Clothing

Dog ClothingIf you have one of the smaller versions of our four-footed friends, for instance, a long-haired Pekinese, a Pug, a Toy Poodle, or even a firey spirited Chihuahua, you just might like to dress them up to be as cute as they can be. Trendy dog clothing and even classy dog apparel is the latest in pampering your precious pets.

Now a days you can search online for literally hundreds of web sites that offer doggy outfits for your furry friend. If you would rather go out shopping with your little doggie by your side, most of the major cities around America have Dog salons and boutiques where you can purchase the most up-to-date in poodle sweaters, little raincoats and other fabulous dog clothing. Recently, your pet-pampering salon where you have your dog bathed, cut and combed, is also starting to carry complete lines of doggie apparel.

Most of these boutiques carry items for any size dog that you have, but you have to admit that the smaller ones look the cutest! Dog clothing is catching on with the latest fashion trends for just about any breed. Dog ClothBoutiques in New York are carrying hand knit silken sweaters, little leather jackets and rhinestone studded collars and covers. They are high quality, and their prices range from inexpensive to very expensive. It simply comes down to how much do you want to spend on your precious pet.

Chez Charles carries designer raincoats that are reversible using the finest in materials or others have a warm and classy red plaid flannel lining. Dog dresses and Retro shirts are great for your Pug puppy or Jack Russell, and if you really want to top off the outfit, try the latest in doggie hats! Doggie hats are stunning! They come in flannel or canvass, silk or satin and can sit on top of their heads with a string and a bow tie to hold them on. Or maybe a style that fits down allowing the ears to come through in a variety of matching fabrics and colors. If you can fit this little dressed ball of fur into a special should bag or purse, you can take them everywhere with you, dressed for fashion fun.

Classic and very chic fashion for dogs can be very extravagant, and since doggie clothes is an up and coming business, many are still experimenting in what to put on, and what and how to make it. What types of material that are the most comfortable for your pooch are being experimented with? And now with all the popularity, the latest trends are hitting the lines of dog apparel and fashion. Dressing up your dogs in sweaters and other outerwear is no longer associated with the weather. You can dress them up all the time and take them out on the town. They look so cute in their new duds that they will be the talk of the town. Have fun with your doggie dressing and enjoy making your pooch look as cute as can be.
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