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Dog Hair Care: What You Must Do

Dog Hair CareDog hair care is essential to the well being of your pet. You love your animal and you should spend just a few minutes a week to provide your pet with what he needs from you: grooming help. Simply curl up in front of a television program with your dog in front of you and work through his coat to provide him with the grooming he needs and the attention that he loves to have.

First off, you should know what to look for. The care that you will give your dog's hair is essentially going to provide him with a clean, shiny coat as well as provide you with a way to monitor your dog's health. When you are grooming him, you will want to look for nits, fleas, ticks or even just irritations of the skin. By doing this, you will help to catch any problems before they become big problems for your animal and for you.

Tips To Help

Here are some tips to help you to properly care for your dog's coat.
  • Brush your pet's hair in the direction that it grows first with a wide toothed comb then one that has smaller slots. This will help to provide a complete brushing.
  • If the dog has matted hair, you will need to use a special tool that is designed to remove them without harming the animal. It is especially uncomfortable for your animal to experience these and you should insure that you are brushing often enough to keep them to a minimum.
  • Your goal is to brush your dog's coat several times per week, at a minimum of twice. This will allow for the best protection for him.
  • Bathing your dog should happen at least every two to three weeks, depending on how well he takes care of himself. You will want to insure that all of the matted hair that the dog has is removed completely before you give him a bath though.
  • Insure that you always use lukewarm water, a tear sensitive shampoo that is designed for dog use and that you lather him up good. Work the shampoo throughout his hair and down to the skin as well. Take as much time as you can to insure that he gets completely clean here.
  • Make sure to completely rinse off your pet and keep him indoors until he is dry. This will help him to not have irritated skin from the shampoo that is left on him.
Providing proper care for your animal's hair is necessary. Not only is it dangerous and unhealthy to have fleas and ticks on your dog, but it is even worse when they spread (and they do so very easily!) to your home and to your family. Take the time to insure that you give your pet's hair the attention that it needs. The process is very simple once you get it down and it will leave you both happy. You will have a clean animal and he will love the attention that you are giving to him. Dog hair care is necessary to maintain a healthy dog.
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