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Dog Care: Bathing

Dog Care:BathingIn dog care, bathing is one of those things that you will have to do to take care of your pet but you will probably hate doing it nonetheless. This is generally because many people have pets that are anything but happy with being given a bath. It is not fun to play in the water. It is not fun to get soap burning and stinging their eyes. Yet, there are many things that you can do to make this go much better and it can leave you both okay with the next time you need to do it. Here are some dog bathing tips that you can count on.

What you do is how she will react. The way that you act is the way that your pet is going to. So, if you are yelling and high tempered about the bath experience, your pet will be too. It is natural for them to resist a bath because it can be dangerous to them. But, if you speak to them in calm and soothing tones, the bath time will go much better. Always praise your pet and coax them through the experience. Do not become loud, angry or frantic and they will see that there really is nothing to worry about.

When giving your pet a bath, do not soak his head in water right away. This will instantly make him angry and scared. In fact, you may want to leave his head, especially his eyes, for the end. When you do this, he will already be relaxed and okay with the water. It will go much smoother.

Give him a massage. If your pet is under the water and then quickly washed, he isn't gaining anything from the experience. Instead, consider petting and massaging the pet instead. If it feels good, it is less likely for it to become something he hates. Instead, it will be something he enjoys. You can also make sure he is used to this type of treatment by giving him a good brushing thoroughly a couple of times per week will make the bathing experience better. Dog BathPraise and reward your pet when they do something great. If is easy to see the benefits of doing this. If your dog does well, show him that you appreciate this. Next time, it will not be such a challenge for you or your pet.

When it comes to dog care, bathing is something that needs to be done regularly. You should bath your pet once every two to three weeks. Always use animal shampoos and insure that all of the tangles are out of the dog's fur before you wash him. You may want to use a conditioner on his hair so that it will help in the brushing process.

Making bath time enjoyable will make sure that your pet gives you the best that he can. Most importantly, make sure that you realize that the way that you act and the attitude that you bring to the table is what is going to happen during this process. Use these dog bathing tips for success each time you bathe your pet.
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