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The Entrance Hall

The_Entrance_HallThe entrance hall is the most important area in any house. It serves as an introduction to your personality and taste, because it is the first part of the house people see, when they visit you. Hence, the entrance hall speaks volumes. It gives your visitors an idea about the rest of your house. Therefore, never treat the entrance area as an afterthought. Make this part of your house as attractive and organized as the rest, because a well-designed, handsome entrance is a good entry point into your home.

Most people leave the entrance of their homes dark and gloomy. It is treated like a boring passage meant to let people in and out of the house. However, just as you make the effort to decorate and keep the rest of the house well organized, the entrance too needs just as much attention, because, as they say, first appearances make lasting impressions.

It takes just a few minutes for those first impressions to form. Hence, use your imagination and creativity to display all you want to say about you and your house in the hallway. Do not disregard this area just because people merely pass through it. Use it instead, as an opportunity to unleash your ingenuity and originality.

Here are some guidelines that will help you make your entrance hall attractive:
Your imagination will rule when you decorate your entrance hall, as it does not require much furniture. The walls and ceiling dominate the few bric-a-brac and pieces of furniture that you will use.
  • Use proper lighting: Good entrance lighting makes a good beginning. Use post lighting along the walkway, and place outdoor lanterns to brighten your entrance. If you have a large foyer, you can use a chandelier or a large light fixture, which will not only add height but will brighten up the area. Never leave your entrance hall dark and gloomy.
  • Flooring: Solid wooden flooring is a good choice for your entrance hall as it is easy to clean and reflects light, creating an impression of a larger floor area.
  • Wallpapers: You can use multiple wallpaper patterns to make the entrance interesting and attractive. On the other hand, keeping the walls in pastel tones of yellow, cream or ivory shades gives a warm and cozy ambiance. The entrance hall should suit the character of your house.
  • Use mirrors: If your entrance hall is small, mirrors will create fake space. The light will bounce off the mirrors and create an illusion of a larger room.
  • Avoid clutter: If you find the coat stand fashionable, use the hooks for scarves and coats. However, they can also be hidden away in a cupboard. Place shoes neatly in a shoe rack and keep it next to the door.
  • Right choice of furniture: You can place a simple two-seat wooden or metal bench, or a pair of chairs in the entrance hall. Put two or three cushions on the bench as decor. If you have a large entrance hall, you can also keep a wooden chest. The top of the chest can be used to display a lamp or photo frames or various bric-a-brac.
  • Paintings and photo frames: You can hang paintings or pictures in the hall to add a nice effect. How to clean your entrance hall:
    Give the entrance of your house the respect it deserves. Even though it is hardly used, it needs to be kept clean. Since there is very little furniture in the foyer, it is easy to keep it clean.

    Walls: If you have used wallpaper, it needs to be kept free of stains. If it is stained, it is necessary to remove it quickly before the stain sets in. If the stain remains on the wallpaper for too long, it may result in permanent discoloration.

You can use water and mild soap to remove simple dirt spots. After cleaning the dirt, rinse the wallpaper with clean water, and dry it with a soft towel. If the stain is too difficult to remove, you will then have to use a strong detergent. Never use powdered cleaner, or nail polish and bug remover, as they may damage the wallpaper. If you have painted the walls, just wipe them with a soft cloth.

Floor and ceiling: The floor needs to be washed at least once a week, or more frequently if you floor gets dirty a lot. Dampen a mop, and clean the floors with clear water. There is no need to use detergent. Move the furniture out of the way before you start mopping. The method of cleaning the floor will depend on the kind of flooring you have. Wooden flooring, for example, will need to be waxed and polished occasionally, and swept with a soft bristle broom everyday. You can also vacuum with a soft brush attachment once or twice a week.

Furniture: Cleaning the furniture needs a lot of care and attention. Take special care if the furniture is very expensive or are antiques. Wooden tables, chairs and chests need polishing and waxing. If you have used a steel bench, clean it with the required cleaning solution. Wipe the coat hook and shoe rack with a soft cloth. Use a damp soft cloth to wipe the mirror, photo frames and framed paintings. Do not spray water as that may damage the photos or painting.

Lighting: make sure that you remove the light fixtures and wash them gently. Dry them with a cloth and replace them. Take extra care when you clean the chandeliers.
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