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The tools, equipment and safety

Tools Equipment SafetyCleanliness has to be an integral part of our daily lives. Without sanitation, our homes become breeding grounds for all manner of contaminants like bacteria and fungus, which cause disease. Hence, not only is a spic and span house pleasing to live in, but also is essential for good health. It is very important to make use of the right tools and equipment for to maintain a hygienic house. Proper tools should be assembled before starting any cleaning project, as this will help in making the task less tedious and more fun.

Household cleaning tools:

Disposable wet or dry refills: These wet refills can be used to remove everyday dirt from the floor. The wet refills are made of cloth that is pre-soaked in a cleaning solution that dissolves any kind of stain on the floor. The refills can be used with mops, or you can use it with a hand-cloth.
  • Air cleaners: They are useful for getting rid of pollen, animal hair, dust, smoke, or any kind of odor. They take care of every kind of indoor pollutant.
  • Disinfected cleaning wipes: Cleaning wipes are used to clean the surfaces of sinks, switches, toilet seats, tiles and counters in your bathroom and kitchen.
  • Window cleaning kit: You need to also have a window cleaning kit for your windows and the glass panes.
  • Brooms and dustpans: Despite a proliferation of sophisticated modern cleaning tools, the plain old brooms and dustpans are still the most essential. Always keep a broom and dustpan in your house.
  • Home cleaning kit: Includes disinfectants and deodorants, glass and mirror cleaners, polish for the furniture, along with dusters, cleaning sponges and cleaning towels.
  • Dusters: You can use feather or lamb-wool dusters. Feather dusters can be a great help if you want to clean irregular and small places. When you dust your shelves you can use this duster without moving anything from its place, because it reaches dust particles with ease.
  • Microfiber or electrostatic cloth as dusters: Microfiber cloth can collect and hold a lot of dust without stirring it. They do not scratch the surface you are cleaning. They come in mitt form so that you can slip them on your hands, which makes them very convenient to use. Electrostatic cloth can be disposed off after use. They also come with extension poles to enable you to reach high surfaces.
  • Paper Towels: These are not only inexpensive but also easy to use; you can dispose them after using. Paper towels can hold dust very well.
  • Oils and Polishes: There are a lot of oils and polishes available in the market for cleaning the furniture. They not only enhance the look of your wooden furniture, but also remove dust from fine surfaces without scratching them.
  • Marble, granite, stone floor, and artifact cleaners: If you have stone flooring, or any artifact made of marble or granite, you can use specific cleaners meant for these surfaces.
Equipment for cleaning:

Vacuum cleaners and extractors: As cleaning equipment, vacuum cleaners are indispensable for any household. It can remove any dust particle without allowing it to spread on any surface or the air. Vacuum cleaners come with an extension wand that can be used to clean high and low surfaces with great ease. You can choose from a wide range of vacuum cleaners in the market, like: Robotic vacuum cleaners, Upright vacuum cleaners, Canister vacuum cleaners, Light weight vacuum cleaners etc.

Robotic vacuum cleaners, for example, are fully automatic and have electronic sensors that allow them access under the furniture. You can also turn it on before going out, because once the work is done, it is programmed to come back to its docking station to be recharged. Some vacuum cleaners detect pets and people, and avoid them. There are vacuum cleaners that steam, scrub and polish the floor as well.

Steam cleaners: Steam cleaners remove grease and stains from ovens, bathroom tiles, kitchen appliances, windows and glass panes, using pressurized steam

Electronic floor sweeper: These floor and carpet sweepers pick up any kind of debris, like broken pieces of glass, pieces of thread or food particles. It consists of a rubber blade that cleans the floor in seconds.

Carpet cleaner: Carpet cleaners are equipped with rotating side brushes that suck the dust from the carpet.

Swimming pool cleaner: A swimming pool cleaner, along with a cleaning chemical, is also necessary equipment to clean the pool.

Rotating wash brush: You can use the rotating wash brush for smooth surfaces like painted plastic and glass. You can also use it to clean your windows effortlessly, the sides of your house, or even your automobile. The water pressure causes the inner brushes to spin gently on the surface.

Safety measures:
  • Always use non-toxic products for cleaning.
  • Make use of a disposable respirator, as it will protect you from dust and air borne contaminants.
  • Always wear gloves when using a cleaning solution on any surface.
  • Do not use vacuum cleaners to clean furniture without prior information, as sometimes they can scratch the surface.
  • When you buy feather dusters, you need to keep in mind that inexpensive dusters start losing feathers very quickly, or that they can even scratch the surfaces of your expensive furniture.
  • If you use paper towels, avoid using them on wood, as they can scratch their surfaces.

If you keep these household cleaning tips in mind when you clean your house, it will result in not only your using adequate cleaning tools and equipment, but also to clean your house safely. It is said that good health starts at home; hence, a clean house ensures sound living.
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