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Baby's First birthday party

Babys_First_Birthday_PartyOne of the most important things to remember about baby's first birthday party is that it is more for the adults and older children in the baby's life than for the actual baby. Children at the age of one are really not able to participate much in the festivities, but the grandparents, parents, family members and friends are there to make the event special.


There are some unique considerations for a first birthday party that change depending on the people that will be invited to the party. Some families choose to actually have two parties for the birthday boy or girl, one for the family and one for other small children to attend. The two parties can easily be combined and often the adults enjoy interacting with all the children at the party.

Some of the logistical considerations include:
  • Time for the party. Ideally a first birthday party should only last an hour or so, and should occur after a naptime and not before or during a meal. The reason that this timing is critical is that most children will be happier and more easily engaged if they are rested and are not hungry.
  • Seating areas and space. If you are having both adults and other toddlers and children remember that you will need enough space for children to play as well as adults to sit. You may also need to have extra space for bassinettes and high chairs for some of the guests if you are inviting children.
  • Try to keep the guest list to a reasonable number, as you will have to both manage the party as well as care for your child. Ideally another adult can help with supplying food, beverages and cake and you can just enjoy spending time with your child and his or her friends and family. Most experienced parents recommend no more than 5 children at a first birthday party.
  • Be sure to invite a parent with each child. It is unreasonable to expect that one or two adults can feed, entertain, manage and clean up after several toddlers without extra assistance.
  • If you are inviting both family and friends consider having the party on a weekend. This allows both parents to attend and also makes traveling to and from the party easier for most guests.
  • Usually at a first birthday party the only food to be served may be some sandwiches, fresh fruits and vegetables and finger foods for the guests, with cake and ice cream for dessert.
Since children at this age are largely dependent on adults for help try having lots of varieties of toys for children to play with. Stuffed toys, dolls, balls and sturdy children's activity type toys are a good idea.

Be sure to baby-proof the party area. This means all hanging cords and electrical appliances are removed or the cords fastened up out of the way, all electrical receptacles covered with safety covers, and all valuable ornaments and other items removed from the room. In addition be sure the food is served in a tiled area for easy clean up or place a tablecloth or drop cloth on the carpet to prevent any accidents.

Make It Memorable

A wonderful idea to make baby's first birthday memorable for all guests is to make a backdrop for photographs. This can be done by simply hanging a sheet on the wall and painting, sewing or gluing on a special scene that matches the theme of the party. For example, if the theme was western, the sheet could be painted like an old western town or like the desert. A saddle, rope, cowboy hat, western style vest, stuffed toy of a cow or horse, bale of hay or other prop could be included to add to the effect. Both guests and family members could pose with the birthday child and pictures can be taken with either a digital or traditional style of camera. If a digital camera is used they can be printed out and presented to guests as a wonderful parting gift. To add even more to the gift consider purchasing some inexpensive wooden frames and decorating them with western patterns, rocks, beads, or even designs of rope. The digital print out can be slipped into the decorated frame and each guest can have his or her own picture with the birthday child.

Another way to make the first birthday party memorable is to have it video taped or digitally recorded. With new web cam technology even family members that can't be there in person can see and participate in baby's first birthday party can still see it over the internet. Be sure to save the recording and consider making DVD's of the first birthday party to give to family and friends. This can also be a wonderful keepsake for the child when he or she moves off to college or moves away from home.------------------------------------------If you are a business owner get listed at Best Entertaintment Site, part of Localwin Network. 
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