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Foot Balance

Foot BalanceFoot balance is essential for the very survival of the animal. Foot balance is of extreme importance in humans due to the structure of the human body. The human body is different from the other animals due to the fact that humans are biped and walking is a learned skill for humans. It takes more than a year just to learn walking for a human being. In the modern day foot is not just used for locomotion but also for various sports like skating, skiing, swimming, soccer, hockey etc. Almost all the games that people play require foot balance. Foot balance is also required to drive vehicles, cycling, operating machinery, working in plants/factories etc. If a person looses foot balance it causes a severe handicap in day to day activities.

As stated earlier balance is a learned skill. Some sports require more balance and some require less. The biological age of the body can be determined through balance tests, such is the importance of balance.


The balance of the human body is not only dependent upon the condition of the legs but also on the condition of the ear. It is a less known fact that the ears are not just hearing organs but also balance organs. There is a soft organ near the cochlea of the ear which has a three axis alignment system which is used for spatial balance of the body. This organ is known as the labyrinth. The labyrinth is part of the vestibular system. This organ is directly connected to the brain, eyes and the skeletal system. The labyrinth is used to determine motion of the human body in linear and angular direction. If this part of the ear gets damaged the balance gets so much distorted that people find it almost impossible to walk without help. There have been cases where due to damage to the labyrinth of the ear, it has been observed that the gastro intestinal tract functions in the reverse manner and can only be corrected with medication.

Damage to the labyrinth can lead to vertigo, dizziness, vomiting, nausea, imbalance, frequent falls etc.

Treatment of Balance Disorders

The usual method for correction of any balance disorder is to locate the cause of the disorder. The usual location of the disorder is in the feet, labyrinth, eyes or the nervous system. If any surgical or medical treatment is required then that is given. Also to retrain the balance system exercises are prescribed which help in increasing the balance system. These exercises can also be utilized by healthy individuals to enhance their spatial balance abilities. Enhancing the spatial balance will give an edge in sports to sportsmen which other sportsmen lack. These exercises can be done anywhere in the office or at home and almost all of them require no equipment. People who have suffered accidents or injuries can also use these exercises for stabilizing their balance system. However, consulting a doctor beforehand is advised. These exercises will be found difficult initially but with time, improvement is for sure.

The exercises are detailed below:

One Foot Stand

This is the simplest and the best way to improve foot balance. This can be done anywhere, while waiting for the bus, talking on the phone, watching TV etc. For this simply stand on one leg and when off balance, put the other foot on the floor. The minimum time a healthy individual should be able to stand on one foot is one minute. If you find balancing on one foot difficult use your outstretched arms for balancing.


There are many variations of the one foot stand which are popular. In Yoga an asana (pose) called the tadasana (tree pose) is popular for increasingĀ  balance. To start with, stand on one foot and slowly put the second foot on the inner thigh of the other leg. The knee should point out wards. Then raise the outstretched hands so that the palms should meet above the head. The hands should remain stretched. Slowly lower the hands to the sides of the legs and lower your foot. Repeat with the other foot raised. Breathing should remain normal throughout.

Another variation of the one foot stand is to raise the foot behind till the foot touches your butt. Pull this foot with your arm. The free arm can be extended for balance. Repeat with the other foot raised.

Some equipment which are used to increase balance are rocker board, wobble board, disco cushion, bongo board, yoga balls etc.

However, if you have any problem related with foot , it is advisable to take the advice of your doctor before starting with any new exercise. If you do not have any problem but suffer any after the exercise stop it immediately and if the pain lingers consult your physician.
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