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Foot care products

Footcare ProductsFoot care products

There are wide varieties of foot care products available in the market. However, it is important that you know beforehand that different products have different kind of benefits and that you don't land up in buying the wrong one for you!

Foot products for all foot ailments, including deodorants, anti-fungals, creams and lotions, foot baths, massagers, nail care products, and insoles, wraps, cushions, pads, splints, vitamin supplements, supports, and shoes from the best manufacturers.

Foot Gel

It is very effective for tired and weary feet. Foot gels generally contain natural Lavender as an essential oil that has a strong soothing and regenerating effect. The effect of the Lavender oil is enhanced by the A unique combination of plant extracts of Horse Chestnut and Marshmallow increases the effect of the lavender oil. It helps in better blood circulation and strengthening of the capillaries. Look out for foot gel that contains Allantoin; this helps skin hydration along with anti-inflammatory action; and Menthol, which has a strong refreshing effect.

Generally the foot gel is applied with slight movements on tired feet. Massage with circular movements, and then have a rest until the gel is fully absorbed.

Foot Care Treatment

It is a smart, very handy natural formula, comprised of five products, and a panacea for dry feet. The foot care program (bath, mask, scrub, foot lotion, and foot cream) gently cleanse, soften, moisturize, and refresh your feet. These five classy products work together to bring radiance to your feet and helping them rediscover the long lost sense of comfort, pride, relaxation, and well-being.

Foot Care Treatment is a set of five full size products:

Balneo Bath Salt, as the name suggests is a combination of vital sea elements that enhance blood circulation, promote cells regeneration and gives a fresh look to your tired skin thus providing an overall feeling of relaxation, comfort and well-being.

Purifying Salt Glow - Body Scrub helps in restoring the radiant glow and restores the skin's radiance and energy thus preparing your body to absorb other products more effectively. It is available in size 180 ml-6 fl.OZ.

Hydro Marine Foot Cream is an excellent moisturising natural product designed exclusively for dry, cracked feet. This special Foot Cream created is an intensive foot repair product with double action: moisturizing and antibacterial. It is available in sizes 60 ml-2 fl.OZ.

Mud Mask is also an effective skin care body treatment that helps in tired muscle relaxation and improves blood circulation. The mask helps in eliminating the toxin present in the deep skin pores and thus enhances blood circulation which in the long run, rejuvenates tired muscles, joints, and your cracked, dull skin. It is available in sizes 180 ml-6 fl.OZ.

Refresh Foot Lotion is a creamy lotion with anti-bacterial elements to rejuvenate your feet, leaving them clean, relaxed and deodorized. It is available in sizes 120 ml-4 fl.OZ.

The complex Foot Care set

This set comprises three products - Cream, Gel and Soap that contains exclusive natural components. The unique combination of essential oils is to ensure special treatment of specific micro flora of the feet. The essential oil comprises of Pine, Wormwood and Basil that are characterized with strong antimicrobial action. Wormwood oil promotes blood circulation while the lavender oil with its astringent and deodorizing effect, freshens the skin. The Sage oil cleanses the skin and helps in relaxation. The Lavender oil is most unique for foot caring, especially for fatigued and swollen feet after long walking or standing at one place. It neutralizes the stress and strain of the foot muscles and absorbs the pain as well. The combination of these essential oils is also merged with other plant extracts that supple the skin and bring comfort to the feet.

Foot Corn products

If you are suffering from foot corns silicone metatarsal foot corn products can help you bring relief. There are different kinds of pads to fight the corns located at different areas of your feet. You have: pads for the soles of feet, pads to protect the top of toes, pads to protect the apex of toes, pads to protect in between toes, and insoles that provide metatarsal products. These are basically elastic sleeves to provide relief from corns and other external skin problems. These are extra thick breathable gel pads and therefore not an obstacle to blood circulation. However, it is unsuitable for people suffering from diabetes or very poor blood circulation.

Foot care shoes and socks

In most foot care departments you can purchase foot care socks that protect your feet from being cracked and getting dulled. Special shoes help in maintaining your posture and taking care of your feet. You must consult a specialist at the shop to help you in finding the right shoe. You can also get orthotic support shoes and arch support shoes depending on the problems you have .Consult an expert while buying medicated shoes- a wrong choice can lead to adverse situation! 
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