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Friends Along the Way

Friends_Along_WayRVing has opened doors to a new world of friends and family. Many senior RVers look forward to hitting the road and being able to visit friends and family that they haven't seen in years. They also have the opportunity to meet new fellow RVers and share their experiences in RVing and traveling the country. Meeting new friends and "new" family add to the value of your RV as you can pack up and meet them whenever you are ready. RVers can also meet their friends and family at specific destinations and spend time with them at campgrounds, all because of the flexible RV.

RVers are an independent group but they love to get together and show off their RVs and share their travel experiences. There are many clubs for RVers to join and many of them are primarily social clubs. They organize activities and entertainment at various campgrounds across the country. Other RV clubs are for individuals or couples that share an interest in a particular brand of RV or particular interests. There are also clubs that offer RV support, discounts and magazines. There is no limit on how many clubs you can join when you love to travel in your RV. Many RV clubs plan caravans and rallies. These clubs allow members to get together and have parties and social events at various exotic locations across the country.

RV rallies are another great way to find other RVing friends. There are both national and local rallies that are held by most camping clubs. Many clubs will sponsor an area rally once a month as well as national rallies during the peek vacation season. At these rallies, RVers will meet new friends as they are led on tours to many historical and cultural areas. Rallies also include a lot of socializing through cookouts, dances, dinners, crafts, games and sporting events.

RV caravans and tours will lead you on an RV journey into Alaska, Canada and Mexico. RVers travel together in groups and are led by "wagonmasters" who know the area and the best stops. The wagonmasters also set up campsites and will help RVers find mechanical help or spare parts if they require them. Caravans may travel for as long as a month or more.

You will also meet a variety of friends down the road. You may have camped next door to a nice couple and you really hit it off. Now, when they are going to be whatever neck of the woods you are in, you can camp together and visit about the places they have been and seen since the last time you talked. You can also meet up with other friends and family at campgrounds for the holidays. You can visit with each other and cookout a special Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. You can share cookies and candy with the kids a couple of RVs down from yours. Many RV friends have email and cell phones and no matter where you are in the country, you can still talk to them and find places to meet up.

Many young families with children have also adopted the RV lifestyle. Many campgrounds have swimming pools and playgrounds. Children love to make new friends, especially ones that are from different states and countries. The possibilities are endless for children to make new friends. Young parents can also make friends with parents of other children. They often have the same interests and the RV brings them all together. They are living the same RV lifestyle as you and they often have great tips and ideas for your RV lifestyle. Children with Internet access will enjoy having email pen pals and friends to send postcards to. Children will also enjoy traveling the country and they will want to continue traveling, as they become adults. 

The Internet has also done a great job of bringing fellow RVers together. There are numerous forum boards and blogs where RVers can meet new friends. You can chat and talk with your new online RV friends and meet them at certain destinations. Many RVers are posting their own websites as well and encourage new RVers to make friends and spend time with them as you would your family. Your fellow RVers are also able to help you out with any RV problems you may have and offer you advice on your next destination.

Everybody loves to meet new friends and seeing new places. The RV lifestyle allows for that flexibility. If you have family you need to visit you can pack up camp and stay in their driveway. If you want to visit friends in a different state, you can pack up camp and visit them. If you have other RVing friends, you can contact them and meet in a central destination between the two of you.

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