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Cleaning Glass Windows

Glass Window CleaningEvery one of use has a wide range of windows in their home. You will likely find some of them impossible to clean as well. Let's face it, there are not always made to be considerate of how we clean them but rather the way that they look. Therefore, it is up to you to find the right method to cleaning glass so that it is beautiful, fingerprint free and streak free. The good news is that we will share that with you here.

To help you to get started with cleaning the glass within your home, consider these tips.

When you need to clean soil or other debris from your window panes, use a product such as ammonia, baking soda or washing soda. This can also help you to remove grease from your windows as well.

If you have hard water deposits on your window or hard to clean soils on it, use a solution that is made from a weak acid such as vinegar. Do not use more powerful acids as these can actually scratch and etch the glass, making the situation much worse.

Don't mix ammonia and vinegar products with each other. They will just neutralize the other and therefore render themselves useless to you. Instead, make up a solution of water mixed with one cup or so of the vinegar or one cup of the ammonia per gallon of water.

When it comes time to clean the glass, use clean terry cloths or sponges. Wash down the glass panes completely to remove all the debris that is located on it. Then, use a dry paper towel or cloth to dry the surface. To make your job easier, make sure you wring out the cloth before you use it to clean down the glass. Dry them right away to shine them and to create a streak free shine.

For larger windows, invest a few dollars in a long handled rubber squeegee. These can be used with the same solutions as above but will cut down on the amount of work, and the ladders that you need to get the job done.

Be careful about your dripping. You do not want the carpeting, the wood encasing or the walls to get the cleaning solution on them as this can cause a stain on these areas.

Effectively cleaning glass allows you to have a beautiful window to look out of. You can use these methods for glass cleaning on any of your glass products. You can also use them to keep the outside of your windows just as clean as those that are on the inside. Cleaning glass windows can be easy now that you know how to do it right.
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