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The History Of An Accountant

Public AccountantLearning the history of an accountant is something that most should do. It will take you to a time in history that is often not thought of or talked about. In many ways, this task was one of the most important of all tasks that people have had to do. Yet, no one knows who the first accountant was. Nor do any of those that have invented the products for accounting have a name that most households would know. Nevertheless, it is important to know a little about the history of accounting.

Accountants have always been around in the history of civilization. They may have held various names, but their importance has always been there. They helped with the development of various things including the development of entire cities, of trade and of the making of wealth. In many ways, they also were a contributing factor in the development of counting systems as well. It is believed that the accountant is the one that helped to develop writing skills. The concept of money and of a bank in which to safely house it came from accountants.

There are plenty of other things that are attributed to the accountant. For example, they helped the Italian Renaissance when it comes to their inventions such as the double entry bookkeeping. They helped in the Industrial Revolution because they helped those that needed it to have the funds available to invent and begin new businesses.

Writing was developed over 5000 years ago. It was created by the accountant.

Artifacts that are being studied today show the importance of accounting well into ancient civilizations.

These individuals helped to keep inventors and entrepreneurs from bankruptcy, therefore becoming partially responsible for the Industrial Revolution.

Luca Pacioli is considered the Father of Accounting. He wrote the first textbook on accounting way back in 1494.

The development of taxation can be attributed to the accountant as well. It was put in place as a means to fund cities and growth (and to fill the pockets of the wealthy!)

Auditing was developed by accountants to help in keeping track and control of assets and funds. Big business has always needed accountants. They even relied on this information to know where and how to make moves. They needed accurate information that was useful to their needs. They went to accountants to get it.

The history of the accountant goes well beyond this. They have played a major role throughout life, throughout centuries. In many ways, the developments and progresses of society are from the things that accountants have done. Throughout history, they are thought to have helped to make things happen. Today, much of what we think of an accountant doing has changed. Today, you don't need to head to the accountants office to know what is happen. With the invention of the internet, this is simplistic to do from virtually everywhere. Did you know that accountants helped to fund the creation of this information system as well? The history of accounting is fun to learn and understand.
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