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How To Keep Your Home Clean

Keep Your Home CleanWhen you have kids around the house, its bound to get filthy and messy after they are done with their playing. Even adults aren't any less culpable when it comes to messing up the house. There are some who tend to be so careless and lazy that even wiping the coffee condensation on the table is too much of a task.

Irrespective of the size of your house or number of rooms, house cleaning is easy if systematically done.

When you plan to do the cleaning, you need not do all the rooms in a day or two. You could allocate a day and time to each so that none of the rooms remain half done. Lets take a brief tour of your house, evaluate each room and determine how you can keep them clean.

The Kitchen : It is only natural to expect the kitchen to be the most clean and hygienic room in a house considering that food is prepared and stored here. Keep all the dishes, cooking utensils and oven dirt free and clean out the refrigerator to avoid decaying of food. Clear out thrash everyday, to avoid infestation with mosquitoes and insects.

The Bedroom: This should be preferably done twice a day, on waking up in the morning and before retiring to sleep in the night. The curtains, bed sheets and cushion covers should be regularly changed.

The Bathroom : if it's a common bathroom, the towels and linen should be washed every day. Keep a laundry basket and ensure that members of your family dispose their dirty clothes only in it. If your kids have a tendency of throwing their clothes around, they should be taught to fold them neatly and arrange them in the cupboard. Wipe the bathroom doors and partitions after every bath to keep dust from settling. Since toilets are used often and can easily get smelly, its suggested you clean them at least once a day.

The Living Area : the living area acts as the face to your home and maintaining it spic and span lends a good impression to guests. Arrange all the showpieces and magazines on the coffee table.

There are professional house cleaners available these days who although charge a premium price are quite handy in dire circumstances. Self- help comes in the form of appliances like the vacuum cleaner and dishwasher that have to be carefully chosen after assessing if features in a particular model are relevant to your specific cleaning needs.

The vacuum cleaner helps in cleaning fast and effectively, but sometimes you have to make use of the traditional mop to wash off the extra dirt from the floor. Stains can give you a hard time; you could use stain removers or resort to old wives remedies to remove them.

Other than the glass items, wooden furniture and showpieces should be polished to avoid infestation with white ants. A varnish can make the wood shine and look as good as new. In case of delicate crystals and glass items, one should be very careful while cleaning, as they are fragile.

Tips on House Cleaning 

- Avoid littering and cluttering

- Use detergents and anti-bacterial solutions to make the floor disinfected. Always use clean and washed rugs

Start from the ceiling of the room and then move down so that after you finish with dusting and mopping, the dust doesn't settle again.

Spray air-fresheners or burn incense to lend a pleasant smell to the air

Put mats outside the house and the bathroom doors to avoid wet and muddy feet.

- Assign cleaning tasks to different members of the family

- Keep detergent solutions handy to use them in emergencies.

Since different kinds chemicals and detergent solutions are used to clean the house, you should keep them away from children to avoid any accidents. It is advisable to use boots and gloves to keep safe from the toxics. You should avoid mixing two different acids like ammonia and chlorine, as the chemical reaction that could take place could be hazardous.

Benefits of having a clean house

The main benefit of having a clean house is the hygiene and health factor. There are cases where people suffering from asthma and dust allergies have shown an improvement in their health after living in a clean house. A nice and sparkling home does half the talking about your lifestyle. Keeping the house clean is seldom feasible if only one member of the household is in charge of it. It only works if it is a combined mandate for all members to follow.

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