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Missing Important Events

Missing_Important_EventsThe full-time RV lifestyle is great for some, but the full-time lifestyle often means that you miss important events in your family life. There are many ways that you can compromise with your family on important events in your family's life. You can spend the time alone, go home and visit loved ones or take your family with you. You may even choose to spend important events and holidays with your new RVing family.

There are many full-time RVers who enjoy visiting different cities for the holidays. Depending on how close you are to your family, you may have to compromise with them on these events. For example, spending Christmas in warm Florida might be your idea of a great holiday, but your family in New York might want you to come back and visit. There are many different locations that are great for RV vacations during the holidays. Many families are strict about their holiday traditions and you may be the outcast for changing things up, but this is the lifestyle that you have chosen and your family should understand.

Different full-time RVers handle holidays in different ways. Many RVers fly back and visit family. Others spend the holidays with their new family of fellow RVers. Either way you work your holidays, you should compromise with your family. Many RVers will spend every other Christmas with their family and travel on the other years. The great thing about RVing through the holidays is that you are able to send small souvenirs to family from all of your different travels. You also have the opportunity to visit different churches for each holiday. If you can't make it back to your family for Thanksgiving, there are always potluck meals with your new family at the RV campground.

You don't have to be alone at the holidays if you are not close to your family. There are many other couples and families who enjoy the full-time RV lifestyle. Many campgrounds hold events of their own that you will be able to participate in. From Thanksgiving dinners to Easter Masses, you will be able to find companionship with the people who share your interests. The holidays are more stress free when you are enjoying the RV lifestyle. Many women still enjoy baking and making desserts at the holidays in their RVs. Bake some cookies and share them with your campground neighbors. They will appreciate the kindness and friendliness.

If your family doesn't mind traveling over the holidays, you might decide to just take them with you! Look into renting RVs for other families and you can all take an RV vacation together. You can decorate your RV for all the major holidays and enjoy the time together either somewhere warm or for a snow-white holiday. The trip itself will make a great gift and you can enjoy the local traditions of a small community or just get away for a while to reconnect with your family. Nothing brings a family closer than spending time together and having to be creative with the holidays. Some campgrounds will also allow you to have a guest site during the holidays. This will allow you to enjoy your family and the RV lifestyle during the holidays.

Other events that are hard to miss include high school and college graduations and new babies being born into the family. If you are unable to work these events into your travel itinerary, you are better off sending postcards, letters, souvenirs or money for these events. Call and congratulate your family and they will appreciate knowing that you remembered their big day and that you care.

The full-time RV lifestyle is flexible and it allows you to pick up and go whenever you need. It is inevitable that at some times you are not going to be able to make across the country for family events, but your family should understand that this is your lifestyle and sometimes things don't always work out the way you want them to. Another great fact about the RV lifestyle is that when you are able to make it to your families home, you have everything you need with you and you are able to stay with them for longer periods of time than you would if you had to stay at a hotel.

There are many ups and downs to the RV lifestyle and you don't always make it to the important events. The important thing is that your family knows you still care about them, love them and that you will be there whenever you can. Even if you have to live in there driveway!

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