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Life Insurance No Exam

Life insurance no exam scheme allows the applicant to own an insurance policy without requiring taking a medical exam. The applicant is not required to visit the doctor, meet insurance agents and await long mailing delays. It is possible to get a life insurance policy approved faster. Some applicants may be qualified enough to acquire their coverage on the same day of application. The applicants can now get life insurance coverage for them selves and their family without the hassle and lengthy delays. Earlier, it would take nearly two months to complete the life insurance application process. The process included applying for the policy, taking a medical exam, and wait for the mail to arrive or have it delivered by the respective policy agent.

Once the applicant applies online for life insurance no exam policy and is qualified then all he/she has to do is make secure payment online using a credit card. It is possible to acquire life insurance coverage within one hour after you apply online. However, there are several drawbacks to purchasing life insurance no exam policy. For instance, the total amount of coverage available ranges from $25,000 to $500,000. Therefore, if the applicant requires more coverage then they will have to take a physical medial exam to get qualified and purchase higher amount life insurance coverage with a different insurance company.

Another disadvantage of a life insurance no exam policy is that it will cost more compared to an underwritten life insurance policy. The reason for increased cost is the fact that, the insurance company asks the applicant less number of medical questions, besides the application process is faster and they accept applicants who may not get been qualified at another insurance company. However, life insurance no exam policy is perfect for those who want hassle free process and is affordable at the same time as it is done online. The consumers are at an advantage as they do not have to go through a medical exam and experience painful needles.

Today, the applicant can apply for a life insurance no exam policy and get the coverage papers instantly after paying the first premium. The payment is a very easy process as it is done online. Applicants have to enter their details and provide the credit card number. The payment is extremely secure as the website is heavily protected against malicious users. Therefore, the applicant need not worry about issues such as identity theft or hacking of bank accounts.

It is not easy for every applicant to get qualified. The applicant will be qualified faster if he/she is in good health. However, even if the applicant is a smoker, is on medication, or over weight, they might have a chance to get qualified for the life insurance no exam policy. The process may cost the applicant more money compared to other life insurance companies. Applicants may have to pay a higher premium if they qualify for the life insurance no exam policy. The insurance companies generally respond to the applicant within 10-15 minutes after submitting the online application.

Before applying online the applicant must make a proper research of all the online insurance companies that provide life insurance no exam policy. It is a good idea to do so as you will be able to compare their prices and make an informed decision. There are several online insurance companies. Before settling on a certain insurance company you must check the company’s reputation, any record of previous complaints and trustworthiness. The benefit of applying online for a life insurance no exam policy is that you do not have to deal with pushy agents. You can avoid being talked into the policy by the agents and make your own choices.

Majority of the times individuals do get approved for the life insurance no exam policy, but it does not mean that all will be qualified. The insurance company must be satisfied with the answers given by the applicant. They do a brief background check on the applicant before he/she is qualified. The advantage of applying online is that you can view the quotes, terms and conditions of several insurance companies all at once. This helps you to carefully select the insurance company that provides what you are looking for. Insurance companies differ in rates and so you may be able to find an insurance company that provides cheap life insurance no exam policy. It also avoids a lot of paperwork that is generally required when you do not apply online.

The applicants can acquire maximum protection without spending too much and through a hassle free process. Instant approval avoids the long delays that usually are characteristic to insurance matters. It is worth to try this process as it is fast, hassle free and no sales pressure. Get the quotes online and start shopping for a life insurance no exam policy.
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