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If starting your business on the web was easy, let me assure you that marketing it on the Internet is an entirely different ballgame. In recent years, Internet technology has advanced in leaps and bounds even beyond our wildest dreams. Improved connectivity, reduced cost of hardware, faster and more powerful servers, new and exciting online services – all have contributed to the growing popularity of the online medium. Indeed, the Internet is the new global marketplace of the 21st century. Millions are doing business on the Net today, with hundreds joining them every day from every corner of the globe. Over the years, starting an Internet business has only become simpler and easier. Today, virtually anyone can sign up for a business opportunity at the click of one’s mouse. The Net is buzzing with commercial activity of all kinds and it’s where all the action is at.

Ok, that all sounds so fine, but why are so many people complaining? Statistically, more than 90% of people doing business on the Web are far from happy. Their businesses are not doing well and the kind of response they had expected is nowhere to be seen. The flow of traffic to their sites is discouraging and the conversion rate is pathetic. So what’s wrong with all these ventures? Before one concludes that it’s all due to a bad product or just bad luck, look again. The problem with the majority of such businesses is a poor marketing campaign. There’s nothing wrong with the product. All it lacks is adequate promotion.

Looking for a single Internet marketing solution would not be a very wise decision. This is because, as most successful online moneymakers would tell you, a successful and effective Internet marketing campaign actually consists of a number of solutions. Some of the most popular (and effective) solutions are:
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Email marketing
  • Banner and link exchange
  • Getting enlisted in business directories and Internet Yellow Pages
  • Blog marketing
SEO remains a popular first choice for those contemplating a powerful marketing campaign for their business. Search engines are among the most powerful resources on the Net today and account for over 92% of traffic. Getting good ranks in the search engines for carefully chosen keywords is critical to receiving traffic from the search engines. Every business can generate a handful of keywords and these are the words and phrases with which somebody looking for a similar service would search for on the Net. SEO ensures that your website gets listed on the first page of the search results, and thus improves the visibility of your site manifold. If your online business is suffering from a serious dearth of traffic, consider SEO as an excellent corrective remedy.

Email marketing is another powerful tool for directly reaching out to potential customers. With the help of such nifty online marketing tools as opt-in lists and auto-responders, you can launch a really effective email campaigning scheme. You can directly address your customers through powerful emails and set the cash registers ringing like never before.

Banner and link exchange, even after all these years, continue to be extremely effective and powerful. Reciprocal link exchange with other sites is a much sought after practice due to its two-edged benefit. First, it improves visibility by showing a link to your site to visitors browsing a different site. Secondly, it has a beneficial effect on search engine rankings. More the sites you exchange link with, the better your rankings get.

A lot of traffic is generated by reputed online business directories. If you are serious about your Internet marketing efforts, you cannot afford to ignore the importance of getting listed in the various business directories such as Yahoo Directory, Dmoz (Open Directory), Alibaba and so on. Some of these directories would charge you a fee to be enlisted, while the rest are mostly free! Getting listed in a large number of directories will surely boost the flow of traffic to your site. Many people prefer using these directories to search engines, as they are believed to produce better results. The reason behind this belief is that most of the Internet directories are edited by human editors who actually visit your site, verify its contents and evaluate its worthiness to be included in their listings.

Social media sites are the latest rage everywhere. So are blogs. It is only natural that Internet marketers are also using these resources to their advantage, especially to market their businesses effectively at a very low cost. Through these resources, you can instantly reach out to thousands of netizens who are interested in your area of business. If you’ve always worried about getting quality, targeted traffic to your site, this is a great way of ensuring just that!

A single Internet marketing solution is perhaps ineffective. But combining several solutions into one super strategy can really help skyrocket your business to the next level.
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