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Moving house refers to effecting a change in the place where one lives. Sometimes people move themselves to save money, while those who can afford it hire a moving company to pack their goods and move them. Household removals require careful wrapping and packing to avoid damage to furniture and effects, so many household policies do not cover goods in transit unless they are being packed, carried and unpacked by a professional remover. In the moving industry, when a customer packs and unpacks his own boxes it is referred to as PBO (packed by owner) and policies do not insure these goods. On PBO moves it can become a point of huge contention between the mover and the customer as to who is at fault regarding damaged items within a box. Was it packed improperly by the customer or did the mover mishandle the box?

Reasons for moving house
Job, Health, Family, Children, Change in geography for various reasons, Education, Low Crime Rate, Distance from bullying, Courtship, Different House Layout for a Disabled Family Member, Desire for a different home

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