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Newborn Baby Checklist

New Born Baby ChecklistWhen it comes to having all that you need for your baby when he arrives, you will want to use this checklist to help you. It can be quite overwhelming to know what newborn babies need before they arrive. This will help you to prepare.

Clothing And Diapering

There are several things you will need in this category:

Stock your babies drawers with onesies. These are the tee-shirt style undershirts that will button between their legs. These provide for the easiest of products to use. Have at least 8 to 10 available in newborn sizes
Sleepers and nightgowns should be purchased. Have a few nightgowns for the first few days, then go to sleepers for added warmth. In sleepers you should have at least enough for one week.
For trips out of doors, make sure your child has a warm, full body coat, a jacket, mittens if not included, and hats.
Clothing to fit the season. The rule of thumb is to add one additional layer to your child than what you are wearing.
In diapering, have at least two dozen diapers on hand always. Twice as many is best. Make sure to have baby wipes, a diaper pail, diaper crate and wash cloths.


If you plan to breast feed, have a breast pump picked out with the right products to use with it. You should also have breast pads, nursing bras, nursing pillows available.
For formula feeding, you need to wait until your baby is born before purchasing the right formula as some children will not take to one type or another. Your doctor will help you in this decision. You will also need bottles, at least six to eight, bottle brushes, sterilizers, and burping cloths.


When it comes to furniture for your baby, always purchase new, non used products and insure that they are assembled properly.

Crib with the right sized slots on the side. A mattress that is firm with sheets and several blankets.
Infant washing basin. Make sure they have non slip interiors. Add to this baby shampoo, wash cloths and nail clippers.
A changing table is also useful, although not necessary.
A rocking chair will make for the perfect place for baby to fall asleep.
A baby swing is another useful tool those first few months.
A car seat is required by law in most areas. You will not be able to leave the hospital with baby without one. Make sure it is installed properly as well.
Diaper bag is essential. You will want it to be large enough to carry a dozen diapers, feeding products and a few toys.
Strollers are also important especially when you will be taking baby out. Those that come with the car seats are ideal.
Highchairs are necessary within the first few months.
A baby thermometer is necessary as well.

These are just the basics of what you will need. Take a stroll down the baby aisle and make sure your newborn babies have what they need.
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