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Pegassus Tattoo

Pegassus TattooAlthough we tend to classify all flying horses as a "Pegasus", according to mythology there was only one true Pegasus. This was the name that was given to the flying horse born to Medusa and Poseidon in Greek mythology. Pegasus was then tamed by the Greek hero Bellerophon (not Hercules) and brought lightening and thunder to Zeus. Pegasus was said to have gone to Mount Olympus and brought thunder and lightning to Zeus. Does that provide you with a reason to get a Pegasus tattoo? Perhaps it does, perhaps you just love this look. In any case, it is a very well sought after choice.

If you are like many, you want to get a tattoo of Pegasus to show that you are one of a kind, a person unlike any other. Or, perhaps you wish you had the ability to fly. Many get them because of the myth others get them because of the fascination that this powerful animal has had. If you decide to go with this type of tattoo, it will be specially chosen for you to allow it to fit with your needs perfectly. Your personality should come through with it. Things like the position of the Pegasus, the colors used, the location and any other figures that may be included are all up to you and the tattoo artist. Consider those that are flying through the air or one that is standing on a mountain top fighting off some mythical creature, you have a wide range of choice. No matter which you select to go with, your tattoo will be a unique creation that is yours alone.

How To Select

How will you select the
right tattoo for your needs ? Here are a few options to think about:
  • Consider the aspect of Pegasus that you enjoy the most. Selecting the features that you want to stand out will help you to select the right design. Do you enjoy his flying abilities? Perhaps his ability to bring thunder and lightening to Zeus?
  • Determine the location of your tattoo in order to determine the size of the design. A larger area will allow for more detail. Perhaps Pegasus warding off various other mythological characters.
  • Determine how much detail you would like. Some of these tattoos can be very detailed, full of explicit aspects of the design.
  • If you know what you would like based on a picture that you have, make sure to provide that to your tattoo artist. Take some time to select the right colors to match your needs and desires.
  • Take care of your tattoo once you get it. If you do, then you will have a better display, full of color and detail. Poor care of it will cause it to become infected as well as to distort the image.
The Pegasus tattoo that you select should be the very best one for you. It needs to tell about the aspects of Pegasus that you enjoy the most.
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