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Enhance The Worth Of Your Home With Perfect Roofs, Gutters And Grading

Roofs_gutters_and_gradingYour home is your kingdom and you are the proud monarch. To keep your kingdom fit you cannot ignore important segments like the roofs, gutters and the grading. Here are the tips for your home to survive any rigorous home inspection.

Let us first consider the roofs

Low-Pitched Roofs

A low-pitched roof has a lower slope or it is nearly level. But your roof should not be dead flat, keep a minimum pitch for drainage. If you have a low pitched or nearly flat roof it will be difficult to mark out the potential problems as the water leakage path will not be easy to trace out. Look for standing water, which will indicate either sagging of the roof or improper drainage.

Prescription To Cure Sagging Of The Roof Deck

Take corrective measures structurally before the situation worsens otherwise you will have to cough up a lot of cash because low pitched roof repairs cost a lot. Look for problem spots in the areas, which have gone through repair previously.

Take extra care in maintaining the roof joints and flashings where the roof makes its way into your home. See if there are cracks in the rubber or asphaltic flashings and see whether the flashing needs re-anchoring or a coat of paint in case it is made of metal. Examination should include the hatchways, chimneys, parapet wall caps, skylights, antenna mountings, the drains, the soil stacks and other devices.

Low Slope Roof Covering Materials And Their Inspection

Single Ply Membrane Roofing

A single ply membrane roof consists modified bitumen, plastic and a sheet of synthetic rubber set in a single ply. Often an upper coat is applied to protect it from external harshness and UV rays.

Areas like roof penetrations and seams are most susceptible to damage, so take extra care of these areas.

Check the drainage system thoroughly

UV rays can harm these roofs so recoat the protective coating in a regular interval

Built- Up Roofing

A built up roof is a composition of several layers of roofs tiled with a bituminous material and protected by a slim stratum of crushed stone or gravel. Usually these roofs have a long life span but the life depends on external exposure and other elements.

Moisture can accumulate in between the layers causing decay. Deterioration can be caused from bad drainage too and can extend its effect to your home. So check all the roofing carefully to detect signs of cracks or wounds and repair it without delay. Talk with an experienced roofer if you think it is necessary.

One of the popular testing methods to detect moisture prone areas is using a nuclear scanner and once the inspector is able to locate the places he will use a nuclear meter or a moisture meter.

Roll Roofing

A roll roof is made of granule cover and asphalt offering single or two ply coverage and is led over the roof deck.

As usual, check the drainage properly.

The seams of the roll roofing is the most weak part, make a thorough check of its separation and lifting

Check the roll roofing for spots of cracking, torn parts and erosions

Wood Roofing

A cedar roof will add a zing of historical aura to your home. But you must install your cedar roof as per the local building and construction code.

Mildews and molds are the common pests for a wood roof.

Below Are Some Tips To Fight Them

To get rid of mildews, mix bleach and water, then scrub the roof with this solution using a soft brush. After this you should rinse your roof thoroughly with water. You can also use trisodium phosphate to cure mildew problems

Fight moss with spray herbicide that contains zinc or use the usual homemade bleach water mix. Trim the branches of the tress that hangs over your roof to prevent moss formation. You can install zinc strips below the topmost shingles above the roof surface which combined with rainwater will provide perpetual protection from moss infestations. It is always recommended not to walk on your wooden roof and to consult local agents to recommend reputed contractors for installing the wooden roofs.

Metal Roofs

It is necessary to appoint an experienced roofer to do the repairs of your metal roof

Usually the inside of the roofs are made of metal, which if you cannot access directly then check the interior ceilings and walls for sign of damage.

The common problem area of a pitched roof is its drainage system, which boasts of even a larger range.

If your roof has sufficient overhang then the water can drain directly to the grading without interception in the roof edges.

A low-sloped roof has three types of drainage, like:

1. Endowed with gutters and downspouts

2. Downspout that goes through the interior of your building

Be careful about water leakage; check the walls for any sign of danger in both these cases.

3. Drainage without gutters and downspouts

This type of drainage can cause damage to the exterior walls of your home with water overflow.

Remember, all these drainage systems need regular cleansing and inspection.

Remember These Points About Gutters
- Your gutter can be made of plastic, aluminum or galvanized steel

- The placing of the gutters is very crucial; lower the gutters as the roof steep rises

- Check the position and functioning of the hangers and fasteners where the gutter is exposed

- Make sure that the gutter joints are soldered and sealed with mastic

- Ensure uniform path and slopes for smooth flow of water in the gutters to the lower downspouts. If there is a screen makes sure it does not hinder the drainage

- If the gutter is without screens make sure that you have installed basket strainers at each downspout

- In extreme cold weather, it is essential to see that ice dams are not forming on the pitched roofs blocking the flow of water. Also check the edges and the attic. If you detect a problem use a de-icing cable

- Check the roof, interior walls and ceilings for water damage

- The water should always be directed to a gutter and the flow should be from higher to lower gutters to downspouts   The Grading

It is also essential to keep a vigilant eye on the grading of your home with regular survey and cleansing.

So its time to spruce the look and value of your home with perfect roofing, gutters and grading and make your abode more majestic.

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