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Putting your personal into personal training

personal_into_trainingWhen you're a personal trainer, you're starting a business that is based on your love of fitness as well as helping someone else achieve their dream body. However, where a lot of personal trainers fail is in the way that they fail to set themselves apart from the hundreds of other personal trainers that are available : they forget that half of being a personal trainer is being "personal" to someone. And here's how you can do just that.

What you'll want to do when you're trying to find a way to set yourself apart is consider the kinds of exercises that you like to do and what you're proficient in doing. The truth is that the more that you love what you do; the better you will be at doing it, so why not share what you know with your clients? Make a list of the kinds of training that you like to do already and then figure out how you can incorporate these into your training plans. This doesn't mean that you should share your goals with your clients, but it will be obvious to a client when you're enjoying teaching what you're teaching.

Another consideration if you're not interested in anything in particular is to look around at other personal trainer centers to see what is missing from their programs. Maybe these personal trainers don't take their clients to outdoor locations or they don't vary their routines in the gym; try to find the "holes" in the other trainers' plans in order to find your personal niche. Then, just get training in those other disciplines and start creating your personal program style and repertoire of training abilities.

But what you'll want to avoid when it comes to getting "personal" is coming off as too gimmicky. There are a lot of personal trainers that are only providing certain workouts because they're popular or they're the latest trend; but you really want to choose something that you enjoy doing and something that you will want to share with others. Something like military boot camp style training will really only work if you're an ex-military person that's accustomed to those kinds of workouts. When you're just doing something because it's popular, your clients will realize it too.

You will also want to be personal in only the training aspect of your clientele, and not get involved in their personal lives. While the allure of a client; trainer relationship might seem appealing, there are many complications that can result. When you start to become personally involved with your clients, you can seem like less of an authority figure. That can lead to dissatisfied customers or clients that believe that you're only trying to start a personal relationships with them. Word can spread around fast, so this is something that you will want to avoid. If you are attracted to a client, it's best to stop seeing them as a personal training client before you begin a more intimate relationship.

Try to change up your personal style every now and then to keep things interesting. This might mean that you try new fads in fitness to see how they work for your clients or just to keep things from getting stale. Maybe your personal style could be that you are constantly trying to find new techniques that work better for clients, or that you like to switch activities on a monthly basis. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that you are fully trained on it before you try to pass that knowledge onto someone else.

Personal training should be something that reflects the person that you are as well as the things that you enjoy about fitness. Are you interested in competition? Make each workout into a sporting event where your client can earn points for doing better or lose points when they're not trying as hard. If you're interested in a Zen approach, begin and end each session with a meditation routine. Maybe you're interested in running and you want to coach clients that want to increase their times, work on that angle.

And be sure to include your personal touch in your advertising so that you can show how valuable you are to clients that are looking for your expertise. Include the things that you will want to train on with clients and maybe even create a brochure of the possibilities of training with you; this will create a targeted market that meets with your talents and goals in training. And that's a match that will create success for the both of you.

When you put personal in your personal training business, you will start to realize that you can be the right personal trainer for someone that's looking for your style, without having to sacrifice who you are and what you enjoy in the process.


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