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Picking a Theme: Breadth vs. Depth

Picking_Theme_Breadth_DepthRVs allow you to take the trip of a lifetime. You will have the opportunity to explore new cities and discover the unknown. At first you make think that you will want to visit every museum along the way or every giant ball of yarn. Your mind will race with all the exciting events that you are about to embark on. The reality is that there is so much to do and see that if you focus on the depth of the trip you may miss out on the breadth of the trip.

There are opportunities awaiting you at every turn of the highway. There is so much to do that many frequent RVers suggest that you pick a theme for each trip you make. This will help you focus on your final destination and you will still have fun in between. For example, you may decide that you want to hit every odd museum on the way to Phoenix, Arizona. This is a good starting point because you want to be able to find your destination and see all the interesting sites in between. For long trips, you may be able to throw in a few more ideas such as all of the major baseball parks from Chicago to Los Angeles and then throw in a few historical monuments and National Parks. Despite the plans that you may have there is always something that will keep you from seeing everything you want to see but at least you will still be able to enjoy your trip without stressing out over every nook and cranny in the US you can find.

Here are few example themes that will help you plan your trip and will still allow you time to enjoy your destinations. 
- Travel down the famous highways (Route 66, Alaska Highway)
- Play a game of golf at every golf course along the way
- Follow the Lewis and Clark Trail or the Oregon Trail (You could even throw in some cattle trails)
- Visit all the breweries along your trip
- Ride all the famous roller coasters
- Visit all the Major League Baseball Stadiums
- Visit all the National Football Stadiums
- Visit all the College Football Stadiums
- Visit historic houses
- Visit an antique shop in every town you stop in
- Visit museums in every state
- Visit State Capitols
- Visit different lakes

There are a variety of trip themes that you can pick from. Just find something you are interested in and get the directions on how to find them.

Try not to over plan your tip. There will always be an obstacle somewhere and if you have it all planned out you will have holes in your itinerary. Don't try to plan every day of the trip either as you will stress over time and other constraints. The RV lifestyle allows this kind of flexibility and if you decide that you want to explore a particular city or community a little more feel free to spend an extra day there. Often times, you will enjoy the stops that you didn't plan more than you would the ones you did plan.

A great piece of technology that will help you find all the sites on your theme is a GPS system. Many GPS systems have menus for attractions, restaurants, museums, etc. You just pick where you want to go and the GPS will tell you how to get there. They are very handy for cities that you don't know very well and they will tell you where to go turn for turn. In fact, you will learn to have a great appreciation for this handy device.

Planning every day of your trip is very tiring. You may want to look at various patterns of travel. The hub and spoke approach is handy because you can set up your RV camp in one city and use your car to explore it. You can look up that city's different attractions and come back to camp at the end of the day. These are great trips because you don't have to break down camp as often and you still do a lot of exploring. The other method of travel is just to continue on straight ahead. You will have to stop and set-up camp more often, but you will see something new and different everyday. Your travel style depends greatly on your health and fitness. Breaking down camp every day or even every other day is tiresome. You may even need to find a nice sunny spot and take a break from your travels.

Whatever your travel style, you will find that if you spend more time exploring a few locations instead of non-stop traveling you will enjoy your trip more and will have still seen a lot of great places and attractions.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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