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Piercing Your Own Ear

Piercing your own earAre you considering piercing your own ear? If you are, you are asking for a whole lot of trouble. Today, there are many people considering this, mostly young adults. The problem is that you should never consider piercing yourself. There are many times when this goes wrong for people. Should you consider it, there are plenty of things that you need to take into consideration before you try to. If you are a minor and want to have your ear pierced, talk to your parents. Many will allow it if you talk to them about what you would like and how you would like to do it. Piercing your own ear is dangerous.

What Can Happen?

If you pierce your own ear, you are like to have several things happen to you. First off, you most likely will not have it easy. It will hurt, even if you do not think it will, it will. Most people that tell you that they have pierced their own ears will want to seem tough by saying that it just doesn't hurt. The problem with this is that it likely will.

Beyond hurting, there is much more damage that you can do. Let's assume that you do a simple ear pierce of the bottom ear lobe. This is a simple thing for those that are professionals. But, in your case, you will need to pierce the ear with whatever tool you have. The time from the time that you puncture the skin until several weeks later when the ear is totally healed you will have an open wound on your ear. Infection can easily happen from the moment that you piece the ear until it is fully healed. If the infection develops and you do not get care for it, you will likely have it spread. In some extreme cases, you can lose this part of your ear to infection. Is that worth it?

What Should I Do?
  • Talk to your parents and have your ear professionally pierced . If you do not want to go to an ear piercing location, talk to your family doctor as they generally can do it for you in the safest, most sanitary means possible.
  • If you try to do this yourself, you must be sterile. The instrument you use should be sterile. The earring that you use must be sterile. You need to do the procedure in a sterile environment. Use sterilizing products like alcohol to help you stay safe.
  • If you find any infection happening, you should seek the help of a doctor as soon as possible. You can do irreversible damage if you do not.
If you decide to pierce your own ear, you need to make sure that you take every possible precaution to insure that it is done with the safety that is essential to your own health and well being.
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