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Second meeting after planning the program

planning_the_programWhile it might seem that the first session with a client is the most important session, that's not actually the case. The real work begins when you've had time to go over the results of the fitness assessment as well as looked at the goals of your client. When you've started to craft a plan of how your training with your client might work, then it's time for the all important second meeting.

This second meeting should be located in an outside of the gym locale as you're going to be talking briefly about what you think is a good plan for the client and listening to what they have to say about the plan that you have created. What you might want to do is set up the initial workout plan and the second meeting about a week apart so that you and the client can review the information that was given in that first meeting and make any changes that might some up along the way. But when you do schedule the second session, you will want to focus on that plan and making sure that it's up to the satisfaction of the client; rather than testing it out right then and there.

But some clients will think that the second meeting after planning the program will be their first workout, and for some personal trainers, that is the case. When you want to set yourself apart, you might want to do this a little differently and really focus on your client at this time. This is an opportunity to build a rapport with your client long before you pick up a weight or go to a machine. You want to take this time to setup the relationship that you and your client will have, and open up a dialogue on how things will work in your training program. This can also allow the client to change their mind if they don't think that the relationship will work, saving you both time and money.

During this second meeting, you will want to go over the results of the fitness assessment and talk about how their results fit in with the average results that can be expected. You will want to point out areas where you feel that the client is weaker as well as what kinds of numbers they can expect to have when they take the time to train. You will also want to give them a copy of this assessment so that they can keep it with them in order to gauge their success along the way as well. Clients love to have something concrete to measure themselves against; this is a great tool for motivation and willpower.

Next, you will want to go over the goals that the client has given you from that first session. Reiterate what the goals were in order to be certain that the client was clear as well as learn about any timelines or goal dates that the client might have in mind (if they're not already on the sheet). You will want to talk to the client about why they want to reach these goals to further enforce the goals that they want to achieve. But the hard part comes when you need to tell a client when some goals are unlikely and perhaps even unrealistic to reach. Try to be open about this because you want your client to realize that you are being honest with them, but also listen to how they respond to your hesitance and see how they react. You want to be able to see how committed they are to reaching loftier goals, but you should try to help them understand that it might not be possible as quickly as they might have hoped.

And finally, the second session should give the client an idea of what a typical workout routine will look like as well as the recommendations for any exercise that they might want to do outside of your training. You will want to explain your routines in detail, and focus on how they will help the client to reach their particular goals. Try to gauge their satisfaction or dissatisfaction in these plans in order to see if there are any changes that you might want to make. Ask the client about any problems that they might have or any adjustments that they might like to make. Training should be a back and forth experience; not just you telling the client what to do.

Talk to the client about the long term training plans that you envision as well as any dietary advice that you might want to give them as well. With each new piece of advice in the second meeting, the client has a better change of changing their body to their specific needs and desires.


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