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RV Insurance

RV_insuranceRVs are like any other vehicle or home. You are required to have liability insurance on RVs. Specialized RV Insurance is a blend of both auto and homeowner's insurance. The price of specialized RV insurance is generally less than your standard auto insurance. For many RVers, your RV is your full-time home and not having your RV would leave you with very few options. Your RV also stores all of your life belongings and necessities so it is important that you know your RV has adequate insurance coverage.

There are a variety of features that are covered under specialized RV insurance. The first is Total Loss Replacement (TLR). If your RV is totaled and you have TLR, your RV will be replaced with a new one or will pay you your RV's initial purchase price. The amount you are paid back on your RV will depend on the age of your RV. Coverage is the major difference between your RV's insurance and your auto insurance. Your auto may not necessarily be replaced for you if it were totaled.

Agreed Value Coverage is offered on RVs that are considered classic coaches or conversion vehicles. You should have your RV appraised if it is older or provide your insurance company with a bill of sale. Supplying one of these documents will lock in the value of your RV up front when you purchase insurance.

Full-Timer Coverage is for RVers who live in their RV full-time. This insurance is designed for the full-timer who is open to major exposures due to not having a homeowner's policy. This insurance will cover the unique needs of the full-time RVer including personal liability, additional living expenses, and stored personal belongings.

Personal Contents Coverage covers personal property is stored in your RV. This includes housewares, tools, clothing, sporting goods and other RV supplies. The homeowner's policy generally provides coverage on belongings that are damaged in a collision. There are specialty policies that will allow your stolen or damaged items to be replaced at the full replacement cost.

Disappearing Deductible Coverage is designed to reward the good RV drivers. This coverage generally reduces the drivers comprehensive and collision deductibles. These deductibles may be reduced by twenty-five percent of your original deductible for each claim-free year. After four years without a claim, you will pay no deductible on your claim.

Add-on and Tow Dolly Coverage is designed to cover RV items such as awnings, antennas, racks and satellite dishes. Tow dollies and trailers are often included in your coverage as well.

Emergency Travel Expenses cover the rental of a car or hotel room while your RV is being repaired or replaced from an accident. If your RV is irreparable, the policy may also cover your airfare back home.

Vacation Liability covers the different risks that are involved in the RV lifestyle. Some companies will cover your entire vacation experience. Accidents such as injuries in your campsite may also be covered.

24-hour Emergency Roadside Assistance comes with most policies and insurance companies will often cover the cost of having your RV towed. These policies will often cover your towing vehicle if your RV is a trailer or fifth-wheel.

Here are a few RV Insurance professionals that you may choose to investigate:
- RV Insurance Professionals
- Gilbert RV Insurance
- Twin Peaks RV Insurance
- Adventure Mexican Insurance
- RV Protection
- Explorer RV Insurance Agency
- RV America Insurance

If you are traveling into Mexico or Canada, you may need to supplement your current insurance policy. Supplementing your existing policy is important because there are not many US or Canada insurance companies that will cover any damage or theft to your RV while you are out of the country. Mexican authorities do not recognize US and Canadian Liability Insurance and you may suffer your RV or vehicle being confiscated or detained by Mexican authorities. If you are towing a vehicle or trailer, you can add those onto your policy as well. However, if you intend to unhook your towed vehicle and drive it while in Mexico, you must purchase a separate insurance policy for that vehicle.

There are a variety of specialized RV insurance providers. Your dealer, RV club and various Internet sites will point you towards the RV insurance company that is right for you. If your RV is a trailer, check to see if your auto liability insurance will cover the trailer RV or if your RV insurance will cover the towing vehicle. Most RV insurance companies are well versed and have experience in RV claims handling. You may never have to file a claim, but accidents happen and it is reassuring to know that your beloved RV is covered and that your claim will be handled by professionals. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you are a business owner get listed at Best Finance Site, part of Localwin Network.
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