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Resources for Your RV Trip and Purchase

Resource_RV_Trip_PurchaseYou have decided to plan an RV road trip, but how do you find information on where to go? There are numerous resources available for first-time RVers and full-time RVers. There are various print resources including magazines and books. There are also thousands of websites on RV traveling for the beginner or the experienced. These resources will help guide you across the country and they will also give you great tips on caring for your RV or travel trailer.

Trailer Life is a magazine designed for the RV travel trailer. This is a monthly magazine for enthusiasts who are sixty years or older. RVers will find information on fifth-wheel trailers, folding trailers, motorhomes and other parts and accessories for your travel trailer and RV.

MotorHome Magazine is also a monthly magazine for the dedicated motorhome enthusiast. This magazine is dedicated to motorized RVs including Class A and C motorhomes, camping vans and customized buses. This magazine will provide you information on various brands of RVs and motorhomes as well as tips on caring and repairing your RV.

Highways Magazine is the official publication of the Good Sam Club. This magazine will keep you up-to-date on the latest Good Sam Club information and events. This magazine subscription is free when you join the Good Sam Club as well.

RV View Magazine is published five times per year. They provide you information on travel, maintenance, events and new products. They also offer discounts for President's Club members.

Coast to Coast Magazine keeps you up-to-date on the best resorts and upcoming events for RV enthusiasts. They look at a full line of RVs, Motorized RVs, RV dealers, RV accessories and travel trailers. Their website also provides online trip routing.

RV Today is a television show that has become the authority in RV travel. They will show you the latest models of RVs as well as the latest hot destinations to travel to in your RV. RV Today can be found on the OLN (Outdoor Life Network).

There are hundreds of RV books available. There are books on buying RVs, books on planning trips, driving your RV and more. There are even RV cookbooks! Visit the Rvbookstore.com site for hundreds of RV titles. They even have a book to find all the Wal-Marts. Handy book titles include:
- Driving Your Motorhome Like a Pro
- Buying an RV the Smart Way - Wal-Mart Locator 
- Easy RV Recipes
- Dinghy Towing
- Free Campgrounds
- Explore the Next Exit Before You Exit

There are thousands of Internet sites for RV enthusiasts. If you search RV on Google you will find over one hundred million websites. There are various websites on RV financing, buying an RV, full timing, RV accessories and more. Beginner RVers will also be able to find route guides and stopover information. There are also numerous websites for planning road trips and planning road trip themes. You will find RV dealers and websites who are experienced RVers. Be sure to check out any website that is by a full-time RVer. They always have useful information on their websites. Many of the full-time RVers have also found ways to make money while on the road and RVing.

Experienced RVers are the best way to find out information. If there are any experienced RVers in your family or friends, try to get as much information out of them as possible. If you are new to RVing and you haven't been on the road in one, consider renting an RV for the weekend and take your family out. This will give you a good idea if RVing is right for you and your family. Some families are not able to live in that close of proximity of each other and it doesn't always work out for them. Many experienced RVers have websites and will post information about themselves and their travels. They may also have suggestions for recommended reading, styles of RVs and attractions. They will be able to provide you with expert advice and many are very happy to email you answers to any questions you may have.

If you are considering buying your first RV, you should definitely use these resources before buying an RV. The idea of going out and buying an RV sounds easy, but there is more to the purchase than you realize. Using published resources and information from individuals and dealers will help you find the RV that is right for you. You want to be able to buy the best RV you can afford and still have money left over to take your vacation.

Remember that nothing beats good research. You will be able to make the best decisions about purchasing and RV and taking trips in RVs. Just do the necessary research before you take the leap!------------------------------------

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