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Saying Goodbye and Staying in Touch

Saying_GoodbyeWhether you are a full-time RVer or a part-timer, saying goodbye can often be hard. This is especially true if you are going on a long trip and you are not going to see your family for some time. Staying in touch with your family is not as hard as it used to be.

Telling your friends and family goodbye can often be difficult. You will begin to feel many emotions about not seeing them as often and not talking to them as often. However, if RVing is your dream, then you should follow your heart and hit the road. Many of your friends and family may feel as though you are being irresponsible or unrealistic but they will have to understand that this is your dream and you are ready to see it through. Life is about accomplishing your dreams and being happy, so if you think RVing will do it for you by all means try it out. Telling friends and family about your decision can be difficult but you will feel better once you get it out and they understand your motives.

You will not only have to say goodbye to friends and family but also to many of your belongings. You will be able to save a few things, but you will need to have plenty of room in your RV for all the new things you will acquire while on the road. For the items that you cannot bear to part with, you will want to put them in storage. You may also want to put some pieces of furniture in storage just in case you decide that the RV lifestyle is not for you. You will be able to have any storage fees deducted from your checking account while you are on the road.

Traveling the country will give you the opportunity to see and learn about places you thought you would never see. You may even find a favorite part of the country and decide to spend a little more time there. There are numerous RV parts around all of the major cities and if you bring your car along you will not be limited to just the campsites. When you see all that you want to see, you can move on to the next campground and explore that community as well.

As you travel there are various ways to keep in touch with your friends and family. Digital cameras and the Internet have made it very easy to send photos to your family via e-mail and even cell phones. Your friends and family will soon be jealous of the many exciting places that you will get to visit in your RV. You will also be able to receive your mail while you are on the road. There is always the option of having your friends and family collect your mail, but mail duty can be troublesome after a few months. If you know that you will be in one location for a while, then you will be able to have your mail forwarded directly to your location. If you are not going to be in one location for an extended period of time, you can have your mail forwarded to a service and then they will priority ship it to you wherever you are.

The Internet has become huge with RVers. There are many RVers who are taking advantage of the various hook-ups with phone lines. They are able to use the phone lines for dial-up Internet services. For RVers who are on the go frequently, Flying J Truck Stops often have phone jacks hidden away in a corner for the truck drivers. Some truck stops also have phones that are 'data read' and have a RJ-11 phone jack on their phones. Most truck stop phones require that you have an 800 number for Internet access. Check with your ISP to see if they have an 800 number that you can use. The local number for your service may not work at truck stops. If you can't use either, you can often use a calling card. You may have to test out your calling card prior to embarking on your trip. Another option is Starbucks stores and other coffee shops. If you purchase a coffee, you may be able to use their service for free or pay a small fee. Most e-mail providers will allow you to access your e-mail via web mail these days. If you have a wireless adapter, you have many options available to you. There are many hotels that allow you to use their wireless Internet; you can often pick up these signals in their parking lot. There are also many airports with Internet ready pay phones and wireless areas. Kinko's also has computers that are connected to the Internet but you will have to pay an hourly fee to use them.

There are many ways to stay connected with your family and they will soon be jealous that they didn't have the RV idea first. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you are a business owner get listed at Best Finance Site, part of Localwin Network.
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