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Scheduling and Learning to Navigate

Scheduling_and_LearningThe RV community is extremely active on the Internet. There are a variety of resources available to RVers for planning their getaways. The subject over planning and how much you should plan is a somewhat controversial subject, as many believe in planning every moment while others prefer to be more spontaneous. Either way it is a good idea to have a destination in mind and to work towards it throughout the trip. Navigating your way to your destination has become easier than ever with the numerous global positioning devices that are available for use in personal cars and RVs.

Some families and RVers choose to carefully plan their trip and there are various resources available on the web to do so. These resources are great if you plan on taking long trips across the country and into areas you have never traveled before. FreeTrip.com is a great site for planning your trip and making detailed itineraries. They offer scenic and toll-free trip plans across North America. There are also several memberships that are handy for RVers. These include Happy Camper and Passport America and combined the membership for these are about $50. These memberships offer half price fees at thousands of campgrounds across the US.

Navigating your RV no longer consists of old paper maps and another person to read you directions. Global positioning systems (GPS) have completely changed the world of RVing. These systems are an investment in your RV and despite their high cost they are well worth it. GPS systems allow you to enjoy your travels more and feel more secure. GPS systems have also made traveling safer as you no longer have to drive and try to read the map. GPS systems will talk to you and tell you where to turn and exit. They also have built-in maps to assist you in finding specific streets and intersections. Many GPS systems will call roadside assistance for you and others include DVD players. GPS systems are also available that do not depend on roads. Often you may be in a campground or other unmarked road and you will need to find your way back. Some GPS systems are able to retrace the path that you took and will help you out of tight situations. There are a variety of different styles of GPS systems including ones that are handheld for hiking and biking. Other GPS systems will mount to your dashboard or windshield.

GPS systems are also great for finding local attractions in cities that you don't know. There are over one million points of interest in GPS systems and they are organized in a variety of different categories. If you want a zoo, you go to zoos and select the one you want. The GPS system will then tell you how to get there from wherever you are currently located. GPS systems are also great for finding specific addresses. They will allow you to type in a specific address and they will begin telling you where to go. Once you begin traveling with a GPS system, you will never use another map again. They are even handy for the city you live in.

If you are not fortunate to have one of the great navigational devices, there is always the map and tour book option. If you must use a map, try to buy a new map. New maps should be up-to-date on any road changes that may have occurred in the past few years. Before hitting the road, you will want to be sure that you have your maps and books ready for the day ahead. Your navigator should be able to tell you the exit numbers so that you will know when to get off the highway. A good tip for using exit numbers is that when you know the last exit number in a state, you will be able to determine how many more miles until you will be leaving that state. You will also want to be sure that your navigator knows how to read the road map. The legend on the map will explain the different signals and some maps may have scenic routes and exit numbers. Road atlas, campground directories and truck stop directories are very helpful as well. If you are traveling in a caravan and you provided the itinerary, you should give the other drivers a list of exit numbers and stops on the trip. Having this information will make it easier for them to navigate their own RV rather than just following you.

No matter how much planning you do, it is always a good idea to have a final destination in mind. Plotting that route will allow you to keep track of your travels but will also allow you to explore along the way. Once you discover a handy GPS system, you will never pick up another map. GPS systems are a good investment if you plan on spending a lot of time in your RV and you will definitely appreciate them at the end of your stress free trip---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you are a business owner get listed at Best Finance Site, part of Localwin Network.
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