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Small Trips vs. One Big Trip

Small_TripsSmall trips and big trips both have their advantages. Deciding one over the other is difficult if you don't have many responsibilities at home, but if you are just looking to get away from home for a little while then the decision may not be so hard. Small trips are great for weekend getaways or short vacations while one big trip can incorporate so many fun activities. RVs offer all the flexibility that you could possibly desire out of either trip.

Small road trips that only take a couple of hours or so are great for weekend getaways. They are very easy to plan and you can often do them spontaneously. Often small road trips that aren't very far from home are great for couples looking to get out of the house or taking the kids for some weekend fun. Most communities have parks, lakes or forests nearby that make for fun and short weekend trips. If there are any of these near your home, then you have just planned a simple RV road trip. All you really have to do is pack some clothes and food in a cooler and hit the road in your RV. Small trips are great opportunities to get the kids out of the house and into nature as well. We spend so much time being busy at home that we forget that the great outdoors is only a couple of hours out of town. You have everything you need in your RV and you will probably only have to go grocery shopping prior to the trip.

One big trip can be a lot of fun as well. One big road trip can be anywhere from four or five days to four or five weeks. This gives a family with children the opportunity to plan small attractions and stopovers that will keep the kids curious. You can incorporate family and other events into big trips as well. Big road trips do call for more preparation. You will need to plan a route and plan where you are going to stay, but the time planning is well worth the time in the RV and on the road. RVs allow flexibility as well, so if you have been driving for a few hours and you get tired, there is no reason you can't stop and take a nap wherever your are. You can hook-up your RV at many different lakes and rivers and spend a day at each fishing and enjoying the outdoors. Big road trips allow you to see a lot more than small trips but they do require more time, gas and planning. Small trips allow a little more flexibility as you are generally not too far from home.

Planning your road trip, whether small or big, should incorporate many attractions and stopovers. Children enjoy seeing new places and it is good to get out of the RV and stretch your legs. Unless you are very spontaneous, you may want to have a sort of itinerary to insure that you don't linger in too many places too long. Big trips are generally better planned and you will tend to have a schedule you want to keep.

Either style of RV road trip can be affordable. You will tend to get tired of eating out of the cooler or refrigerator so it is good to mix up eating food from home with eating out. This also gives you the opportunity to explore new restaurants. Lodging is taken care of by your RV and kids will enjoy setting up a tent as well and camping out. This adds a little adventure to a small trip or big trip. Gas is also usually cheaper at truck stops. Some gas stations have "frequent fueler" cards and will offer you a few pennies off per tank. This can add up to quite a bit of money on a big trip.

Whether you decide on a small trip or a big road trip in your RV, you will have the opportunity to see attractions and visit towns that you usually don't get to enjoy. There are a variety of attractions and stopovers out there that are just waiting for you. RV road trips are a great way to see the country and teach the children a little about history and different communities. Deciding on the size of trip you take is purely dependent on how much time you have to travel. If you only have a weekend, then take a small trip and get out of the house for a while. If you have a whole weeks worth of vacation, take one big trip and visit all the places you have always wanted to visit. Either way you will be glad that you got away for awhile and enjoyed yourself before you have to go back to work.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you are a business owner get listed at Best Travel Site, part of Localwin Network.
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