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Looking for a software company poses a unique problem due to their abundance. Paradoxical as the statement above may seem, it’s true. Earlier, we had fewer choices and selecting from among them was a relatively easy task. Today, the sheer number of choices available to us can cause a good deal of confusion. We are misled by false claims, get dazzled by the fanfare and end up making a wrong choice.

If you are looking for the services of a software company, one of the easiest ways to get started would be to make a search for it in your favorite search engine. And that’s where the problem starts! You key in “software company” in the search field and hit the Enter key. The very next instant, you are returned with tens of thousands of matches! How do you sift through them and make your selection? You try checking out a few from the list, but they all seem good. They are all making their usual tall claims, flaunting an impressive portfolio and are eagerly waiting for you to contact them. You have to choose just one from among the millions of them. How on earth are you supposed to do that?

Don’t despair. This article will provide a ray of hope if you are feeling completely at a loss. These days, a lot of work is being outsourced to various offshore companies. These companies are located in India, China, Korea and many other similar countries of the East. The main reason behind this is the significant cost advantage that can be realized. The relatively lower cost of IT services in these countries are helping companies in the West make significant savings in the software arena while maintaining a very high quality that can truly be called global. In a country like India, there is an abundance of very skilled software personnel who can get the job done at a fraction of the cost.

However, before you appoint one to do your job, there are a few things to check first. Outsourcing is an attractive option, but remember, you’d be dealing with a company that is located thousands of miles from you. That means, it would probably not be possible for you to actually pay a visit and meet the people who would be working on your project. Trust plays an important role here. But more than just going by your gut feelings, check out their portfolio. If you can, get to talk with their previous clients and ask for their opinion about the company. If you find a company with a largely dissatisfied clientele, it’s probably better to steer clear of it.

A good software company will not just work for you, but with you. In other words, it will be in constant communication with you and make an earnest effort to fully understand your specific needs. If you find a software company that is too eager to sell one of their set packages to you instead of understanding your specific requirements, don’t waste time with it. A good software company would first listen to you and try to understand how best it can help you. Then, it would come up with a solution tailored to address your specific requirements. Anything less than that is not good.

Do run a check on the infrastructure of the company that you’d be dealing with. If you have an extensive project, it would probably require a small team of dedicated professionals. Make sure that your chosen company has the necessary infrastructure and manpower to provide you with that support. Keep a close watch on how well your chosen software company is adhering to the various project milestones and deadlines. Punctuality is of the utmost essence and you surely wouldn’t want to get caught with a software company that keeps missing deadlines or is inordinately slow in its operations. A reputed software company would also refrain from using pirated software or developmental tools. Using licensed software expedites the process and cause fewer hiccups in the way. After all, you wouldn’t want to have your software developed using pirated software.

Any software development process follows certain norms. Make sure that your designated software company follows them. They should be appreciative of the fact that your project is critical to your business, and consequently, have the honest eagerness and sincerity to execute it well. A software, in its final release, should be free of bugs and be fully operational. Regular intermediate releases of the different versions will help you monitor the progress of your project and keep a track of how your project is progressing. The final release is not the end of the story. Should problems arise in the future, the company should be by your side to troubleshoot it. If any serious flaw is noticed in the developed software after its formal release, it should quickly address the problem.

Choose a software company with care and run a check on their actual capability before awarding them your project. With a little caution and forethought, you would not go wrong.
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