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How to Spoil Your Cat

For all you cat owners who believe in developing and maintaining a beautiful relationship with your cat, you will need to put time and effort into it just like any other relationship you have ever had.  Cats, like dogs, are a man’s best friend.  The only difference is that dogs usually sell out in the sense that they can be friends with ANYONE where as a cat is very picky and will only befriend someone after an intricate system of trust has been established.

In order to spoil your cat you must first understand what the foundation of the relationship is.  By that I am saying that you must understand that your cat isn’t under the impression that it needs you, but rather you need it.  This is why cats live very independently and although they crave human interaction as well, they are patient because they know how cute they are.

This article contains a list of ways I spoil my own cat.  As you read them, keep in mind that I sometimes receive ridicule from spectators because they think, quite frankly that I’m crazy.  But this means nothing to me.  The relationship I have established with my cat Napoleon (named after the French conqueror Napoléon Bonaparte).  If you too are willing to withstand the ridicule than let us begin the journey.

The following is a list, in no particular order, of ways I have spoiled, are spoiling, or will spoil my little Napoleon.  Take notes!

• No matter what, you must pet your cat on demand.  This means if he jumps on you, certainly you must pet him.  If he enters the room you are in, you must pet him.  If he exits the room you are in, you must either go and pet him upon his exit or at least say I love you from a distance.  You should also pet him while he eats if he likes this and be sure to do it at least once a day.  After all, you don’t want him to feel neglected do you?

• If you have another child or person in the house that requires a lot of attention as well, be sure to explain to them that you cannot equally divide the attention all the time and that there will be times that your cat must come first.  For example, when your cat wakes up in the morning from his six hour nap, you must pet him and cuddle with him.

• Only offer filtered mineral water verses tap water.  Cats have a sense of taste and can also sense when you’re trying to be cheap.  If you offer your cat tap water he will know you are using him instead of trying to build a relationship.  Our cat gets the best filtered water money can buy and he knows it!  If we run out of the water in the house, we drive miles and miles late into the evening just to make sure he will have enough water with his breakfast. 

• Speaking of breakfast, be sure to promptly serve whatever it is he likes at the same time each day.  If you do not serve meals at a specific time, your cat will learn not to trust you and therefore he will not show off all his cute skills when you have company over the house.

• If your cat is an indoor cat but shows signs of wanting to go outside, let him go.  A cat that wants to be outdoors but is forced to stay in usually develops a bad attitude and is likely to resort to biting to express his dissatisfaction. 

• Whenever you see your cat looking so cutely out the window at the morning sunrise or evening sunset, be sure to tell him you love him.  Also, if he turns his head towards you and tries to speak, you must rush immediately to his side, and offer as much affection as possible.  He will love you for this as long as you pay attention to his every whim and no when not to bother him.

• Do not just buy him the most expensive cat food available.  Some of that food can taste like garbage.  To spoil your cat, the best thing to do is buy various samples of nutritious cat food and offer the samples to your cat at each meal.  Soon he will develop a preference and that is the cat food you want to offer him for a few months.  Afterwards, it is your duty to switch it up a bit and offer something new and exciting. 

Cats, like humans, do not like to eat the exact same thing all the time.  You changing it up will teach him that you understand his needs and are always listening.

In summary, as you can see it is not really spoiling your cat by doing these things.  In fact, you are simply building a relationship on trust and love.  There is nothing wrong with that, right?
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