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Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower IdeasPlanning a baby shower is a great thing for a celebration about baby's arrival. It also is a great way for parents to get the things that they need without going broke in the meantime! But, when it comes to baby shower planning, do you know what you should and should not do? Or, do you know what is expected of you at the baby shower? Here are some answers to your questions about these topics.

Who throws the shower? It used to be common for a friend to do it, but today, anyone that would like to can. The trend is for mothers and sisters to do the throwing. It is also common for a bunch of people to do so for example in the workplace. Really, it does not matter who throws the shower. You can even do it yourself if you do so tactfully such as throwing a shower to honor your new baby. More than likely, this will be tricky to do. Instead, talk to a friend about it.

Where do I have it? When it comes to the location of the party, you can do it any place that you would like to. Take into consideration the amount of people you are inviting. Large ones should be thrown in hall or maybe a backyard. If it is just going to be you and some friends, then it can be done in a home, in a restaurant or even at work in the lounge. Find a place that is intimate enough but not overly sophisticated for baby's welcoming.

Who's on the guest list? This can be thought of in many ways. If you are having an at work shower, chances are you really do not want to invite family or friends. Invite those that she knows and cares about. If you are throwing a shower for your friend, make sure to include her family. The best bet on how to do this is to get her sister or mother involved in the planning. Or, you can have more than one shower planned. In this case, the mother may throw a shower for her family, you can throw one for friends and there can even be one at work too. Make sure to include those that know her, not necessarily you.

What do I do there? Most baby showers are spent chatting away about the baby and the mother to be. But, you should provide some sort of food to the level of which the party is. A more formal party should probably have a buffet, but a small gathering is good to go with just a deli tray. Don't forget a cake too. You can find a wide range of baby shower games to play. You may want to include a picture session so mom can remember this day.

Baby shower planning should be fun and exciting. You can find a wide range of wonderful things to do as well as decorations for the day right at your local party store or on the web.
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