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There is no better way to get your name out in the music scene than to network. It sounds like a cliche, sure, but meeting people is pretty much the only option if you want to advance the career of your band. Easier said than done, right? The mere idea of networking in the music scene is intimidating; all that approaching and cold-calling, it raises insecurities in even the most confident of musicians. But it is got to be done in order to conquer the rock clubs and make your band a prominent, and undeniable, member of the music scene. And while networking isn't exactly a science, there are a few points you'd do good to remember.

Create a Buzz

If your band is new to the local music scene, buzz will quickly become your best friend. It spreads like wildfire and significantly reduces the amount of networking you'll have to do completely on your own. Before hitting up some of the bigger rock clubs, get your CD or demo to prominent people in the music community: music journalists, radio station managers (or even interns), independent club promoters. Think outside the box; who really has a say in what the music scene listens to? Music store owners, for instance, are notoriously influential, but tend to remain sort of on the outside when musicians think about networking. And don't forget to approach other local bands. If they like what you're doing, they'll often refer you to music clubs or request that you be added to a show they've already booked.Wow the Promoters
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