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What to do before Moving in?

What_to_do_before_Moving_inAlthough moving house may seem bothersome, but the excitement of moving to a new home can compensate for the nuisance. However, it requires a fair amount of planning and foresightedness. To avoid chaos, you need to analyze what needs to be done and make all your arrangements for moving, systematically.

Things to do:

While enjoying the excitement of the idea of your new home, many things require substantial time and attention before actually moving. You need to take care of the following matters for a problem free relocation:

a) At the outset, it will help if you determine the things you want to take, and what you will leave out or donate. You will need to make a checklist of what you will take, and the stuff you discard.
b) You need to also make a list of things that demand more attention when packing as well as transporting.
c) Make sure to order the packing boxes and moving supplies that will be required.
d) Old newspapers need to be saved for packing delicate objects such as crockery, glassware and crystal. You may need to wrap each piece twice or thrice over, hence you will need to collect a lot of newspapers.
e) In case you are shifting across state lines, it is useful to store your belongings near your new house, so that if you happen to need something, you can avail it easily.
f) If your new house requires renovation, you must plan the work at least four weeks before your shift, to avoid unnecessary problems.
g) New utility accounts, like electricity, cable and telephone comnnections, must be ready before moving in. You would need to contact the local utility companies to let them know about your move. Ensure that these utilities are disconnected in your old home on the day you move.
h) Make sure that you book the elevators. The elevators are in great demand; hence, you will need to reserve well ahead of time. A nominal fee could be charged for the building maintenance person to oversee your move.
i) You would need to discontinue various services that are delivered on a regular basis like the milk, newspaper, laundry and the like.
j) You need to fill your card to indicate the change of your address. You can avail it either from the post-office or get a pre-printed card.
k) If you need to move with pets, you will have to take certain important precautions for a safe relocation for both you and your pets. You need to provide your pets with identification tags that should include your address and contact number. Pets need to be vaccinated, and you need to carry all the vaccination details with you, as the new vet might need them at the time of the next vaccination.
l) Moving with plants is not usually a problem provided you are moving houseplants. However, you may require getting them inspected by an authorized agriculture inspector of the state department.

Family and friends:

Family and friends occupy a special place in our lives, so leaving them behind is always difficult. But sometimes you cannot help if shifting becomes your priority. To make parting easier you could do the following things:

a) You could take your relatives and close friends for a farewell visit to places that symbolize togetherness and happiness.
b) Arrange a good-bye party for your kids and their friends.
c) Enjoy special moments with neighbors.
d) Make visitation plans for relatives and friends.
e) Go on a small get together trip with your friends and family.


You need to arrange for other miscellaneous matters as well. They are:

a) Have a garage sale, or make use of online auction services to get rid of unwanted things. You can even get an agent to find someone who can buy all the stuff in your garage sale.
b) You can donate unnecessary clothing and household goods to charitable institutions and get the receipts to get an approximate value for tax reduction.
c) Start using extra supplies of canned goods, frozen food and other such consumable goods.
d) You need to ensure that you buy only those things that are necessary and can be consumed before moving.

Ensure Transportation facility:

The transportation must be made sure of well in advance. Hence, you need to do the following things:

a) Investigate and research reliable companies that are known to be helpful in moving.
b) You can hire a moving company, or do it yourself as well. However, if you plan to do it yourself, you will need to hire a truck. It is important to get all the details regarding the costs involved of your move so you are prepared for it.

Hence, there is quite a whole lot of preparation that is required for a well-organized shift from one place to another. You need to make sure of the arrangements and availability of many things to make moving house easy and hassle free.

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