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Be Well-Informed And Alert To Get What You Deserve For Auto Claims

Be Well InformedYour life is precious and so is your vehicle. Therefore, when you are driving you must care for your life as well as your vehicle. Cautious driving is a primary lesson to that end, but equally important is an auto claim. Auto insurance claims have two purposes:

Claims by you: This covers damages to you and your vehicle either when you have an accident or others cause it.

Claims against you: This takes care of your liability to others life and property if you are the one to cause damages during an accident.

The purpose of each the two must be well understood the moment you buy a vehicle and an claim for it, so that you get what you deserve for auto claims.

Where to get an auto claim?

You need to know this all the time. Claims agents are there at your service the moment of file an auto insurance claim. Once you know where to get your claims and guidance from, next you must know how to get what you deserve for auto claims.

Claims by you

Right after the accident: The situation after an accident is often rather unnerving, but you need to get thinking about your auto claim as soon as you can. You need to gather your wits and remember details about the incident, say about the location, the day, the time, the surroundings, weather etc. These facts would help you when the claim agent will try to match the incident with the police statement and information from other sources.

Filing the claim: Once the verification starts off, the filing also takes off. Keep these points in mind once the process starts:

  • Call your claim agent or company representative as soon as you can even if you are far away. Take his advice on how to go about the claim process.
  • Keep documentations of names and address of those involved in the accident ready or get one of your family members to get them in place. If you have contacts with witnesses of the accident, it would be of added advantage to you.
  • Keep at hand all documents related to police report, medical report and forms, auto repair bills.
  • The claim company may also ask for a "proof of loss" form as well.
  • Your insurance card can make things easier. The best way to ensure this is to keep it in your wallet always when you are driving.
  • While filing the claim forms make sure that you give exact details. Try not to be vague or make mistakes with the names of people, addresses, your vehicle details etc. Cross check these with the police report and auto insurance damage claim form. Otherwise, your claim may be unnecessarily delayed.
  • Keep helping your agent at every step of inquiry, resolution or argument for claim.
  • Furnish the agent with copies of any legal documents related to the incident.
  • Track your expenses all the time, for complete reimbursement under your policy. Say for instance a no-fault insurer will reimburse your medical and hospital bills and also cover even long term expenses if you have lost wages or have needed to hire a nurse etc.
  • Keep copies of your documents for later reference.
  • Check your policy for details in order to get what you deserve for auto claims.

After the claim: After you have contacted your agent, handed him the necessary details and made your claim keep these details in mind:

  • The company will verify and submit details of the estimate of the damages to you and the vehicle, along with the expenses involved.
  • The company should give you the right to choose the repair service for your vehicle. It could even assist you to find a suitable repair option in your area. Remember, only you can authorize repairs to your vehicle.
  • The repair service, however, need to get in touch with the insurance company for details of the estimate.
  • If you are not happy with the claim offer, then talk to your agent and find out better options.

Claims against you

In case you are held responsible for the accident, things can get tricky. So contact your claim agent right away and don't do anything without advice. State Farm Insurance will investigate the charges and fix the claims. In accordance to your policy outline, the State Farm Insurance will disburse those claims that you are legally bound to pay up.

If your passengers are injured by an accident in your vehicle and you are eligible for medical coverage or personal injury protection, the company will bear the injury-related expenses according to your policy outline. An "Auto Liability Coverage" will help you out in case you have harmed others or their property.

The settlement

It generally takes 15 days for most companies to process the auto claim. This helps you get back on the road fast. Moreover, if your policy has a Rental Vehicle coverage your insurer will also furnish you a rental vehicle until yours is being repaired. So Bon Voyage, until then!-------------------------------------------------------If you are a business owner get listed at Best Insurance Site, part of Localwin Network.
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