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The Big Day, When Dream Becomes Reality

Dream-Becomes-RealitySo the much-awaited day's finally here -- you're about to walk down that aisle and become a missus! Since everything should be perfect, there's quite a bit to be done on this last partial day of being a single girl, not least of which is to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch. Aside from making sure you get plenty of sleep the night before the day of the wedding, we've got a few suggestions for making things easier for all involved. That's not to say that you won't need to keep a tight rein on all your wedding day preparations; slack off, and things could fall apart. Not only that, you should always have a Plan B prepared for just about everything, just in case. It would be ideal to have a wedding planner to help you, but this isn't always realistic, due to the cost.

First of all, by the time the Big Day dawns, you should have put together a detailed wedding day schedule, and gone over it repeatedly with your vendors, friends, family, and your wedding consultant (if any). For example, those joining you in your wedding party need to know exactly what's going to happen every step of the way; this should dovetail with your wedding rehearsal, which will ideally occur the day before the wedding. Venders need to know when, where, and how they'll be delivering their goods and services, and woe betide anyone who's late or doesn't show up.

Your appearance is very important, since you're going to be the center of attention for quite some time. We were serious when we mentioned getting plenty of sleep the night before. No matter how busy you are, or how nervous, try to get some shut-eye -- if not your normal amount of sleep, then at least as much as you can manage. That old tradition about avoiding the groom the day before and the day of the wedding? What they really mean is the night before. No matter how happy you are or how passionate you feel, temporarily relinquish your beau and make an early night of it, so you can get up equally early. There's nothing attractive about puffy eyelids, red eyes, or bags under those eyes, and all of those are difficult to cover with makeup. If you wake up to any of them, try covering your eyes with hot teabags and elevating your feet for a while. It's not a cure-all, but it might help. As for breakfast, make sure you eat something mild and soothing that won't cause any stomach upset; you'll probably have butterflies enough.

You should have taken care of manicure and hair-do the day before, but it makes sense to get a few touchups before the ceremony. Polish your nails and fix your hair, and if you can, have professionals (or at least your niece in beauty college) take care of both. Your makeup should follow. You should be making final preparations for dressing, as well; if your wedding dress needs any additional touches, this is the time to take care of them.

A few hours before the wedding, the bridesmaids and your other wedding attendants should arrive. Where's the groom in all of this? Well, the groom's party, including the Best Man and the groomsmen, should be making arrangements elsewhere; you're still under quarantine, so to speak. The idea is that you'll meet at the church for the ceremony.

After everyone in your half of the wedding party has arrived, you should all get dressed. This is likely to take a while, especially for you -- it's not easy to don a wedding dress and the assorted accessories. Shortly thereafter, the photographer should arrive to take any pre-arranged photographs, such as the bridal portrait and the parents portrait. This process should take no more than an hour or so. Suddenly, it's less than an hour until you're to be married! At no later than 30 minutes to go, the first wedding contingent -- consisting of your bridesmaids and your mother -- should leave for the wedding location. Shortly thereafter, the second group, including you and your father (or whoever might be giving you away), should leave in a separate care. Your bridesmaids should meet you at the church.

By now, it's too late to worry about anything. You've arranged everything to a T, and you've got to be satisfied that the ceremony will go well, and that no one is going to leave the wedding reception hungry. You're almost to the point where, as the saying goes, the rubber hits the road. You're about the enjoy the fruits of many months of planning and hard work. As the clock clicks down to two minutes, it's time for you and your half of the wedding party to line up at the door of the church (or wherever you're getting married) and get ready to move. You should be standing at the entrance, arm in arm with your father. Your bridesmaids should be ranked behind you. Don't worry; you've already rehearsed this, and you've gone through it in your mind a hundred times.

Showtime. You step forward, shining like the jewel you are, and the ceremony begins. Here comes the bride!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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