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Why we clean our houses

Clean Our HousesJust as it is important to brush one's teeth and bathe oneself regularly to keep the body clean and healthy, the house too has to be cleaned periodically. As goes the adage, "Cleanliness is next to godliness", by keeping the house clean, you lead a healthy and hygienic life. The cleanliness of both the body and one's surroundings ought to be maintained for better living.

Since childhood you must have seen your parents cleaning the house, and making it look spruce and span. In fact, they must have insisted on you doing likewise, tidying and cleaning your room. Now, as a parent, you too probably ask the same of your children to clear the clutter, and to keep their rooms clean.

But, why do we need to clean our houses? Why can't we live without cleaning the surroundings, in which we live, and how clean is our home, are some of the questions that we need to find answers to.

Make your house your home

Just as your eyes are the windows of your soul, your home is the window to your personality. If your home is cluttered, with things strewn all over, or smells bad because it has not been cleaned, it displays an uncaring slothfulness. On the contrary, a neat and well-kept house demonstrates personal care and fastidiousness.

The home is where the family bonds. It is the haven that each member comes back to each day, either from work, or from school. It is here that they relax together, eat, watch television, chat; all the things that a home provides. It is because we live in our homes that it is important to keep it clean. A neat and clean home is more comfortable to live in. However, keeping it clean is the responsibility of every member of the household. Not only is it a responsibility, but keeping it clean can also be very satisfactory.

As a parent with little children, keeping the house clean can be a difficult task. Children, however, learn what they see their parents do. It is important to train growing children to inculcate neat and tidy habits. Once old enough, they need to keep away their own things, and keep their room and the house clean. That is not always easy, because most children find it a chore. But insisting on them following certain rules of cleanliness around the house helps you to get a neat and clean home.

How often should you clean your home

Don't wait for Christmas to do your housecleaning. Usually, because of busy lives, and the paucity of time, housecleaning is earmarked for the time just before Christmas. However, this results in dirt and trash accumulating, and the cleaning becoming a more onerous task. It would make things easier and simpler to schedule housecleaning at least once a week. Working out a room-by-room plan, and following it accordingly, makes the task more efficient. Organizing a more frequent housecleaning schedule saves time and money in the long run.

Some important home cleaning chores

Washing the laundry - Whenever you do the laundry, include the upholstery, rugs, and all the kitchen linen. Wash the different clothes separately to avoid the color of one running into another. There are various detergents and softening agents available to simplify this.

Cleaning the floor - Whether you have plain floor or a carpeted one, you would need to either scrub it or shampoo it clean. Disinfectant and anti-bacterial floor cleaning agents are available in the market. You could opt for professional help if the carpets are expensive and delicate, to avoid damaging them.

Polishing and cleaning the furniture -The furniture in the house should be examined from time to time to check for insect infestation. Moreover, to keep them burnished, you need to wax and polish them occasionally.

Managing the outdoors - Besides cleaning and keeping the indoors spruced up, the outdoors of the house should also be kept in apple-pie order. A manicured lawn free of weeds and trimmed hedges is pleasing to the eye.

Cleaning the bathroom - The bathroom is the most used room in the house. It is advisable to keep it clean and disinfected, and kept supplied with laundered towels and napkins.

Benefits of having a clean house

Not only is a clean house hygienic, but also is aesthetically appealing. A filthy house filled with grime is a breeding ground for disease. Besides, a clean house also creates a pleasant ambiance, which, in turn, affects your mood, keeping it pleasant. A cluttered and untidy room, on the other hand, could get your mind cluttered and untidy, resulting in grouchiness and crankiness. A well-lit neatly kept room with freshly washed linen generates positive vibes.

Keeping your house clean

"Organize, assign and execute" ought to be the motto in every household to ensure a clean and hygienic home. Including everyone in the family to pitch in can facilitate the tedious task of housecleaning. Moreover, by following certain precautions, which prevent filth and dirt accumulating, one can avoid needing to houseclean repeatedly and frequently.

Perhaps, like the Jetson family, some day in the near future, we will get our own robot maid, Rosie, to do our housecleaning for us. However, until then, we will need to do it ourselves.

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