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Managing Risks Of Condominium And Townhouse Owners And Insurance Policies

Managing Risks CondominiumA homeowner's insurance policy is a must if you own a house. A house is indeed a huge investment, a life-long asset, which you will not like risking. And since the policy pledges to shield you against probable risks that may lead to damages to the house and its other belongings by providing liability coverage to the owner or occupant, a homeowner's insurance policy is essentially helpful. But what about managing risks of condominium and townhouse owners? Well, a homeowner's insurance policy is neither appropriate nor desirable when it comes to seeking coverage for a condominium or town house. A Condominium Insurance or Townhouse Insurance is the solution in such cases.

Now, before we get on with providing more details on the condominium or townhouse insurance, let us understand the type or nature of risks that plague condominium and townhouse owners. 
  A Condominium or Townhouse is a multiple-unit complex, the residential units of which are individually owned. The common areas: corridors, entrances, elevators, pools and other such areas are under joint ownership, which you share with the other tenants.

Going by the above definition (rather explanation), there is no place for any doubt that a condominium or townhouse is a different type of house and it naturally follows that the insurance requirements for managing risks of condominium and townhouse owners too will be quite different. A homeowner's insurance policy will not be acceptable for a condominium. And even if the homeowner's policy were applicable, you would have to obtain an insurance for the entire building instead of your small unit, something uncalled for, something very unfair.

What Does Condominium or Townhouse Insurance Offer?

Insurance policies for condominium and townhouse owners have been developed much in line with regular homeowner's insurance policies with minor changes here and there to accommodate the peculiarities of a townhouse. The Condominium Insurance provides coverage for the residential unit against fire, theft and other accidents. However, you will need to purchase a separate policy for natural disasters like flood, earthquake, etc. The additions and alterations made by you in your residential unit such as new installations, inclusion of new fixtures, etc. are also provided for by the Condominium/Townhouse Insurance. Adjudged from this angle, a Condominium Insurance provides a comprehensive coverage both for your investment and for your needs.

What makes your Condominium/Townhouse Owner's Insurance Affordable?

Your Condominium Insurance excludes areas under common ownership. These areas, which you share with your neighbors, are covered by the Insurance policy purchased by your condominium association. You are neither required to pay for the exterior walls nor for the hallways or for the porch or any other common zone. With these exclusions, your monthly premiums too will be comparatively low, making a Condominium Insurance policy a more affordable solution to a homeowner's insurance policy.

Who Offers Condominium Insurance?

Condominium / Townhouse owner's Insurances are offered by most of the leading home insurance companies. Major Insurance providers such as Allstate, Geico and other major Insurance houses have announced Insurance policies that have been planned keeping the specific requirements of condominium and townhouse owners in mind. These policies are essentially affordable and provide maximum protection for condominium residents.

What to consider when buying condominium insurance?

Much as you may seek protection under an insurance policy as a condominium or townhouse owner, there are certain aspects you need to consider before buying condominium insurance, like:

  • The nature of coverage you need on your condominium or townhouse is generally dictated by your area's by-laws. Therefore, you will need to acquire thorough knowledge of the rules and laws of your particular building and your area before you select a policy. You will really be in a fix if after choosing a policy you find that the particular coverage is not permitted in your building or that a specific coverage is binding in your area.
  • The best way for you to proceed will be to contact your building association. This way you will have a fair idea of what actually is and what is not covered by the insurance on the condominium.
  • Once you become aware of your particular requirements, you will need to consider your financial liability should anything unfortunate befall you! These requirements include coverage for your residential unit as well as your other valuable possessions like art objects, antiques and jewelry, etc. Thus, you will need an insurance package that will cover full expenses for replacement and repairs in case accidents take place or your place is burgled.


Condominium Insurance is the right choice when it comes to managing risks of condominium and townhouse owners: it starts exactly where the Insurance coverage purchased by the Condominium association closes down. It provides protection for your residential unit and your other material assets. Moreover, considering the fact that Condominium Insurance policies have a provision for meshing with the Insurance bought by the Condominium association for areas under joint ownership, Condominium policies are value-wise a perfect fit for the condominium and townhouse owners. --------------------------------------------------------------------If you are a business owner get listed at Best Insurance Site, part of Localwin Network.
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