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The Dining Room

A clean and organized house not only serves as a safe haven from stress and everyday tension, but ensures good health as well. A well-arranged dining room also adds to your comfort. It is very easy to keep your dining space looking neat and clean. In most American homes, people use the dining room for formal or special occasions, usually eating their daily meals in the kitchen or the living room. This leaves the dining room neat and ordered most of the time. Still, to keep it ship-shape, the room needs to be dusted and cleaned occasionally. However, if you use your dining area everyday, it becomes necessary to clean and re-arrange things frequently.

All the same, you may not get the time to clean your dining room furniture every week or even every month. This could be because of your busy lifestyle. If that is the case, spring-cleaning is the best option to get the room dirt free, and spic and span. If you do not use your dining room regularly, then you could save cleaning it for a day when you have other work too, because cleaning it will not take much time. If you are planning on spring-cleaning, it is better to devise a systematic strategy, before you begin. Make a list of the cleaning supplies that need to be replenished, and order them delivered in advance.

Every day cleaning tips:

Place things in order: Look at your dining room table. If you find it cluttered with all manner of things, like breakfast or dinner leftovers, magazines, newspapers and dirty plates, clear out the table, putting things back where they belong. Put the dishes and plates in the kitchen sink, and wipe the table with a clean cloth.

Simple dusting: Clean the table and chairs with a duster. There is no need to scrub them; a little dusting will suffice. This will ensure that dust does not collect in layers, making it difficult for you to clean later. After you are done with the dining table and chairs, dust the cabinets and cupboards in your dining room. Finish your cleaning by dusting the light fixtures or chandeliers.

Vacuum: Vacuum-clean the carpet and the floor thoroughly so that it is free of dust particles, leaving the room immaculately fresh.

The ceiling and walls:

A cobweb remover can be used to clear cobwebs from the ceiling. You can also use a broom. If you feel that the walls of your dining room need to be washed, you can wipe them with a soft wet cloth. If you have wooden paneled walls, you can use cleaning wax to remove stains. The vacuum cleaner brushes can also be helpful in removing dirt. Make sure that you clean the electric switch plates as well.

Fans and lighting sources:

Once you are done with the walls and ceiling of your dining room, clean the ceiling fan, because the dirt on the fan may fall into your food when switched on. Wipe the fan blades with a cloth dipped in cleaning solution. Remove the dining room light fixtures and wash them gently. Replace them after they dry. If you have an air conditioner, make sure that you wipe it with a clean cloth.

Clean the paintings and photo frames:

If there are framed paintings and photographs on the wall or side table, they need to be wiped clean. Never spray water or any kind of cleaner on the frames because the water may get inside and damage the painting or photograph.

Windows and Curtains:

Curtains need to be taken down and laundered. Wash the windowsills and corners. Rinse the windowpanes and wipe them dry. Hang a new set of draperies and curtains after cleaning the windows.


Cleaning the furniture needs a lot of care and attention. If the furniture is very expensive then take extra care. If you have a wooden dining table and chairs, you can polish and wax them. If there are upholstered dining room chairs, clean the seats with a vacuum cleaner brush.

Carpets and rugs:

The carpets and rugs also need a thorough cleaning because a lot of dust settles into them, which is not visible. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust particles. You can also hire a carpet professional, or rent a machine to clean the rugs.

Do's and don'ts:

If your dining table is in regular use, make sure to cover it with an attractive tablecloth to protect it from spills and scratches. Always place candles in candleholders if you plan to have candle light dinners. This will prevent the candle wax staining the surface of the dining table.

If you have a vase on your table, keep changing the flowers, filling the vase with a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide.

Try all these tips the next time you clean your dining room.  
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