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First Class Domestic Travel

Domestic FlightFirst class domestic travel may not offer everything it used to, but it is a much more comfortable plane ride. You will be seated in the front of the plane, which means you will be the first on the plane and the first to exit the plane when you have landed. Since meals are a thing of the past on most domestic flights these days, you will still be able to enjoy complementary beverages and peanuts. You will have to pay extra for snacks and meal boxes if your flight will be a longer one. But there are still perks that you will enjoy including lots of foot room, reclining seats, in flight movie, and personalized service.

Flying first class may not be as expensive as you thought. As airlines struggle to fill seats on their planes, many first class tickets are now much less expensive than they used to be. This means that for a hundred dollars more, you may be able to sit in first class.

Below are some tips on how to afford first class tickets on domestic flights that will make you feel more comfortable during your travels:
- If you are a frequent flyer and have a favorite airline, you should join their frequent flyer club. You will be able to earn sky miles each time you fly and you will be able to earn free seats on flights. Save enough points and you will be able to fly first class on your next vacation

- Airlines have partnered with credit card companies to offer sky miles when making purchases on everything from gas to furniture. You can earn enough points to fly first class from time to time.

- You should also sign up for airline newsletters which will feature special deals and flights each week. If you want to take a vacation and do not mind visiting a place in the off season, you may find low ticket prices for first class tickets.

- When shopping for airline tickets, you should comparison shop to find the airline that is offering the lowest fares for first class travel. Booking early or last minute may save you money.

- Use online travel sites. Not only will be able to find great deals, you will also be able to book your hotel and rental car if necessary.

- Talk to your travel agent. They may have deals on plane tickets and may be able to get you a first class seat. If you travel often, your travel agent will try their best to get you the seat you want when you take your next vacation or business trip.

Flying first class is for many people, a better way to travel. Even though many airlines have reduced the number of first class seats aboard their planes, they have to still fill the remaining seats.  So when you are on your next business trip, why not turn in those frequent flyer miles and exchange your ticket for a first class one.
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